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Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces

Some days are conversation lulls
…pauses in mid-step…
…halts in long journeys…
and white spaces everywhere else.

Days when you climb a tall ladder
…to enjoy the slide…
and others when you’re a step on someone else’s ladder.

Days when you fight crowds
…and others where you fight

Every day is a lesson.
Somedays that lesson is about waiting.

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From Sandman: Endless Nightsdeath_gaiman.jpg

Most people want like a candle flame, flickering, wavering.
But you want like a forest fire.

Getting what you want and being happy are two very different things.

When there is nothing left to want, all you do is wait till there is nothing left to wait for.

And what when there is the world to be wanted?
Like a forest fire, like a volcano, like a flaming, blazing star, like a thousand shooting suns?
And along with desire, the equal knowledge that what you want can never be
Like a parallel universe of ice, diamond-hard and bright

Waiting is all there is, for an end that will never come since resolution can never be reached without possession.

I once said that when I want someone or something, I want them like the air I breathe.
And people like me can learn to survive without air
Gill-like swimming around in the pools of substitutes

But one never forgets what real air tastes like.

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