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I Wear: Bohemian Rockstar

I was invited to feature as one of the performers at the US Consulate’s event for 100 Thousand Poets For Change, the theme being ‘Women Empowerment’. The event was in Kitabkhana and Reema agreed to come along so we decided to make a day of it. Here’s us suburban girls in town, on town!

And this is what I wore for a day out, traveling and to perform in my kickass, fashion-forward, sex-positive feminist avatar.

I Wear:

  • Pink top: ONLY
  • Black jacket: Life
  • Distressed jeans: United Colors of Benetton
  • Red handbag: Baggit
  • Red shoes: ONLY
  • Red fascinator: Mumbai local train

Reema was dressed in her classy-but-ready-for-travel avatar and here’s what she wore.

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I Wear: Orange Is The New Everything

Sundays are Alphabet Sambar days and this Sunday brought the kind of sunny weather that I’ve been craving for weeks. I also recovered from a bad acidity/migraine attack the previous day and was feeling positively buoyant. So I took the sunniest colour I could find – orange – and painted my wardrobe in it.

I Wear:

  • Orange (coral!) tennis dress: AND
  • Distressed denim jacket: Forever 21
  • All-kinds-of-colourful sneakers: Adidas
  • Piggy earrings: Colaba Causeway
  • Lipstick: Obsession 03 Starry Matte Up Crayon by Faces Canada Ultima Pro

* The second part of the video was shot by Gautam Sukhija.
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I Wear: A Star Is Always On Stage

I started the week after my birthday by going back to Tuning Fork for their Monday Open Mic and I’m so glad I did! It was a fabulous evening of unexpected, varied performances ranging from music, comedy to the kind of poetry that makes one remember what art truly is. I was also in a much better mood after my weekend mini-break to Pune so I dressed up. And here’s my look. (In line with the mood, I performed the following upbeat piece – ‘If Alcohols Were Men’)

I Wear:

  • Black-and-green tunic: Max
  • Black leggings: United Colors of Benneton
  • Leopard print scarf: birthday gift
  • Orange soled transparent rainboots: Paean
  • Raincoat: Lokhandwala market

* The last part of the video was shot by Gautam Sukhija.
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I Wear: The Drama Of Reema

Reema is my co-conspirator in lot of things, not the least of which is style, colour and fun! I credit her with bringing red lipstick and sunshine back into my life. She has also pushed me into trying styles, garments and colours I might not have considered earlier (and that’s a lot considering I’ve never been a shrinking violet!). And finally, it was Reema’s idea for me to take the I Wear posts to video.

Here she is as I Wear‘s first guest. She had a lunch meeting and I was out running errands. We managed to catch one of our surprisingly frequent unplanned coffee dates. This is what she wore:

Reema wears:

  • Blue gumboots: Paean
  • Black highwaist jeans with back zipper: Vero Moda
  • Striped tie-up shirt: FBB
  • Canvas backpack: House of Tara
  • Steel watch: Jet Airways
  • I ❤️ NY rain poncho: Memorabilia store, New York

And this is what I wore:

I Wear:

  • Turquoise khadi kurta: Cotton Cottage
  • White jeggings: Bandra streetshops
  • Turquoise sandals: Clark’s
  • Silver jhumkas: FabIndia
  • Beige handbag: Baggit

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I Wear: Oppum Dishpa Style

I spent a crazy five months jumping back into (and subsequently falling off) the ratrace. But it wasn’t without its moments. And people.

Dispha is one of those delightful ones that people never tell you about when they’re scaring you about the perils of working life – a colleague who can become a friend too. Her crazy baby shrug/smile (see first panel in the collage below) alternated with good commonsense made the worst of my days bearable.

Here she is in an outfit that I think perfectly personifies her – feminine but quirky, mad and yet smart. It was one of those days when we didn’t know whether it would be Pune-cold or mad dog Mumbai hot. Dishpa floated into office in a dress that might have looked like a nightie on someone else but didn’t on her. And a crazy, lacy bolero shrug over it. We took a little stroll after lunch and I caught some Dishpa moments:

Dishpa collage

Here’s what Dishpa wears:

  • Full-length dress: Mansi Shah, retailed at Marwar Exhibition, World Trade Center, Rs.2100
  • Lace bolero shrug: Vero Moda, Rs.2000
  • Beige mules:  Nine West, Rs.3-4000
  • Hair clip: Zuni, ~Rs.200

Dishpa 3

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The Lavasa Chronicles: Travelers’ Anecdotes

Travel. A weekend away from the city. Seven other interesting people. A time for many conversations and memories. Here are a few snippets from my Lavasa diary:

My favorite cars

One thing that never occurred to me was that the participating rally cars themselves would be photo-ops. Most participants had decorated their cars, some representing their favorite causes. One car was brightly festooned in pink for girlpower. Here are a few of my favorites:

This team’s theme was water preservation to ensure a green world. The top of the car was richly decorated to depict a green, flourishing world, with what looked like real grass and shrubs and a blue-green planet Earth nestled at its center. The back of the car (which I unfortunately couldn’t catch on my camera) was painted a sandy brown and rust, a scene of desolation, dryness and death to show what our planet would come to, if we weren’t careful in our use of water. My picture doesn’t do this car justice. I think it was easily the most elaborate, eye-catching car in the rally.

The other car that caught my fancy was this one that came up, just a little later in the line. Promoting the cause of making this an easier, more convenient world for handicapped people, the car actually carried a wheelchair to its top. Take a look:

Tangled Octopus

One thing marked a distinct change in the atmosphere at the Oriental Octopus. After the infamous Basa/Pasta exchange, here’s what transpired,

Shakti: (in a loud voice belying her tiny frame) I’ll review this, of course!!

Tada! Like magic, the waitresses and servers were swarming all around our table suddenly. Every second second (hee hee) was punctuated with a solicitous,

“Are you enjoying the food, ma’am?”

It might have worked if only there was food on the table to be enjoyed.

The Nauvari Ladies

These ladies drove their car in this garb, to show their pride in their home state. Also, their car said, “Merchant Navy rocks”. A tribute of course to their husbands’ professions.

Lavasa Wear

Me: It’s like official Lavasawear is designer shorts!

Monica: Look at those girls, they’ve changed yet again!

Shakti: Grumble grumble.

Me: *sniff in poor imitation of waitress* Never mind, attitude shows in your body language, no matter what you wear.

Shakti: But nobody is looking at us!

Talk To The Bust

Since the prime cause of this rally was breast cancer awareness, the heavy-handed focus would have been inevitable. But I was charmed by the cheeky and smart tee-shirt that this lady sported.

Boy Bands

Quite appropriately the post-rally entertainment included a boy band, SQS Supastars. I giggled when they belted out ‘I will survive’. I’ve never heard a man sing that but the boys played on valiently and from the look of it, they were a big hit with the ladies. I was most amused to spot a sign for hair braiding right at the foot of the hip young man playing the guitar. I guess someone dumped it there and forgot about it. 😀

Fun Food

Potato chips are at Lavasa with a twist! Chipstix, a stall on the promenade slices a single potato into one unending swirl, fries it on a skewer and serves it up in a variety of interesting flavours (green chutney, salt n’ vinegar, barbeque chicken, pizza express).

Broken Limbs

The evening was pleasant and most of the rally crowd (including the dress-an-hour girls) had vanished. We walked around the promenade and ended up for coffee at Grandma’s, another eatery in the style of European pavement cafes. Amidst conversation I heard a loud crash. I jumped and I turned with a scream. I thought the man was holding a real woman with a broken leg!

Clean Laundry

The delightful Biswajit Dey was scheduled to leave for Mumbai right after the rally. But due to the mysterious workings of the universe he was detained and made to entertain and tolerate six opinionated, temperamental and excitable women. Naturally, he had no luggage with him. But did that deter our valient collective knight-in-red-armour?

He says he washed up his clothes in the night and dried them with the hairdryer in the wee hours of the morning, so as to be fresh and ready for the 6a.m. nature trail (which didn’t happen but that’s another story).

Synchronised Sickness

The Lavasa-Pune road would test the cast-ironest of stomachs. Winding roads, sharp curves, steep inclines are perfect ingredients to the travellers’ bane – motion sickness. Nisha was the first to succumb, standing by the side of the road while we waiting, watching guiltily (Why? Because we’re women. Other people’s troubles always make us feel guilty). Then Anu stepped out and she was standing next to Nisha in an accurate imitation.

I looked up from my nap (late Saturday night-early morning rally-madly early morning for non-trail, what do you expect?) and suddenly I was heaving out of the car too.

Four feet evenly spaced from each other (we’re women, we’re neat that way). I heard a loud snort and I wondered who would be mean enough to laugh. To my astonishment, it was Nisha, the forerunner of this puke-relay. Even as she held her stomach (in amusement or sickness, I don’t know), she gasped,

Someone should take photographs right now! What a sight we must make!

🙂 Ah, laughter the best medicine!

Guilt Reading

Kiran: (checking phone) What is this? Someone is featuring me on their Daily but I haven’t written anything big recently.

Monika: (peering at the screen) Umm…that’s just an app.

Kiran: Oh, you mean you haven’t specially featured me in your Daily?

Monika: (shuffling feet) Umm…I installed it ages ago and forgot about it. It’s….err…automated.

(All of us shuffling feet and looking away)

The best part of my Lavasa experience was the people I met. Anu, Monika, Kiran, Pushpa, Nisha, Shakti and Biswajit – you really made this a memorable weekend!

I Style!: Matchless Shoes

I spotted this at the post-rally celebration at Lavasa this weekend. Shibani Kashyap performed the Lavasa anthem and right after that came a cutesy boy band called SQS Supastars. They began with hot favorites like ‘It’s My Life’ and progressed even to ‘I Will Survive’. The women hooted, they cheered and they enjoyed themselves as the boys entertained the crowd.

Amidst all the laughter and madness I noticed that the guitarist (already notable for his hip hat and vest ensemble) was wearing different shoes! Simple but quirky and bold, no? I thought it really suited him. The crowd was too wild for me to get close enough to talk to him but I did manage to grab a pic. Take a look.

For a simple but eye-catching shoe style, the boy features on I Style!


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I Wear: The Boheme At Kala Ghoda

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival is an event I look forward to all year. In the past few years, I’ve been covering the event for the Official Kala Ghoda Gazette. This year I had the privilege of conducting (in part) a workshop with my session on blogging.

It’s been a year and half since I stood up to make a presentation but the old b-school instincts started to kick in. One of my magic mantras for knocking knees and stammers (the bane of all public-speaking phobics) is to dress well. When I look good, I feel good and it gives me confidence.

This being an art event, I had a much wider palate to play with than usual. So I completely disregarded the safer colours in my wardrobe and decided to go splash with the most artistic, bohemian apparel I could think of.

I started with my yellow shoes, a pick from the post-New Year sale at Catwalk. Yellow is my colour for the season, the new red or black or pink or whatever. It has all the pizzazz of red but with the innocence of white and a glee all its own. I fell in love with this pair the minute I tried them on, because of how they looked but also how they felt – comfortable and happy.

Jeans were the obvious match for those shoes, the more basic blue, the more faded and discrete, the better. These are my favorite straight-fit basic blue Levis.

I considered wearing a tee-shirt in the same colour as the shoes but decided against it as it would divide focus between the top and bottom halves. So I wore a white chikan FabIndia kurti instead. This piece is versatile enough to team up with trousers for a formal meeting or match with jeans for a laid-back look. I funked it up with a chunky necklace from FabIndia.

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, says Bigby Wolf and that’s my mantra too. Subtle is not my style and when I’m going for boheme, there’s no restraint. In this ensemble, I couldn’t possibly leave my favorite blue-and-yellow Chettinad checkered dupatta (also from FabIndia) at home. I slung it over my neck and tossed one end over a shoulder. I figured if it got cooler in the evening, it could double up as a shawl.

It would be a pity to falter on the bag with such a colourful ensemble. So I brought out the cloth drawstring bag that a friend brought me back from her vacation in Coorg. It’s grass green jute stamped with gold block prints and has a bright yellow drawstring and shoulder straps. Green wooden bangles from FabIndia completed my look.

Too colourful? Take a look:

I wear:

  • Yellow moccasins: Catwalk
  • Blue straight-fit jeans: Levis
  • White chikan kurti: FabIndia
  • Blue & yellow chettinad checks dupatta: FabIndia
  • Chunky retro wooden necklace on thread chain: FabIndia
  • Green and blue wooden bangles: FabIndia
  • Green jute bag with gold block print & yellow straps: street bazaar, Coorg


If I look good, the credit goes to E Vestigio who shot all the pictures featured in this post.

Update: Blurring the face may detract from the quality of the picture and subsequently the post. But trolling & harassment are causing the only option to be no posts at all. I think all of you will agree with me that this is a reasonable solution. I don’t wish to discuss this further so please do not start any conversations on this issue, on this blog.

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I Style: Almost Responsible

This is an old photograph, shot at the memorable first Wall Project a year-and-half ago. Jhayu created a surreal upside-down skyline of Mumbai along with Wanderblah. His contribution to our group-project, a depiction of a Twitter wall said,

“@jhayu is the bom shizgit”

His tee-shirt is the exact colour of the Twitter homepage and just what prompted me to spur us onto that last painting project. Take a closer look and you’ll learn about Jhayu’s attitude.

“Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult”

For tie-on-tee and for a whacky slogan, Jhayu wins my I Style! vote.


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