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I’m Not A Real (Something Something)…

Do you know the number of times this sentence trips us up?

I was watching ‘Julie and Julia’ last night. It reminds me of the beginnings of Write Click. And it takes me back to why I do what I do, how much I love it and why I’m so blessed, privileged to have stumbled upon something that makes me feel that way.

This scene, like so many other resonates with me. I don’t know if other beginning bloggers feel this way. And if you do, let me say, I’ve been blogging for 9 years now and I still feel this way. We cripple our own flights of fancy, injure our fantasies and maim our desires with that sentence that starts with ‘I’m not a real (something something)..’.

I was lucky, so lucky, that I chanced upon blogs when blogging wasn’t a ‘thing’, when nobody was talking about it and feeding me their impressions of what it should or should not be, imposing their quality expectations on me. Blogging happened to me the way love happens – unexpectedly, suddenly and forcefully. And just like love, I don’t know how I lived without it before. Well, that’s probably more writing than blogging. But blogging took me down that adventure which led to the treasure chest of a love of writing. I am glad I had the opportunity to discover something without ‘I’m not a real (something something)’ standing in my way.

Then there are fulfilled dreams that get in the way of new dreams. Steve Jobs in his famous Stanford graduation address said,

“The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything.”

Every now and then I wonder if the chance that I took in the last 4 years has been a stupid one. Then, when I hear or read the above sentence, it makes me remember why I took it – I wanted an adventure. And I got one. The lightness of starting again gave me wings.


BATRetreat-63 (Photo credit: MammaLoves)

And finally, there’s thwarted expectations. The movie Julie & Julia, is based on two real stories – the better known life of Julia Child, chef & cookbook writer and the lesser known Julie Powell. Julie Powell is a real person with an ordinary life and regular wishes. She wrote a blog, it turned into a book (how ironic that the movie starts with her lamenting about her not being a ‘real writer’ because no one wants to publish her), which turned into the movie. Along the way, the real Julia Child was asked to comment and her indifferent response disheartened Julie Powell (at least in the movie).

I find getting started on a new pursuit relatively easy but when people whose opinions matter, seem less than moved, where does that leave me? Passion but also validation and appreciation fuel my drive. I guess that’s when it’s time to remember another line from the movie.

“The Julia Child in your head is perfect.
The Julia Child who doesn’t understand what you’re doing, is not perfect.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is, ‘something something’ and everything else is just that. You are as real as your dreams.

Ideamarked: The Best Of 2011

2011 has been a lot of things but boring. One feature that I was really happy to add to The Idea-smithy was the Ideamarked section. Interesting links dot the internet and I come across plenty of them in my daily trawling and my daily feeds.Sharing them on Facebook is easy-peasy but that only reaches the Facebook users on my network. Bringing the month’s links over to the blog made it possible for me to share it with the readers here and also credit all my friends & followers who shared a link. Also, it has been interesting to see just what gripped our fancy each month.

I spent so much time looking through those links on 31st that I couldn’t actually put up this post on the last day of the year as I planned. But a couple of days late, I’m still very happy to bring you the best things that The Idea-smithy spotted in 2011:

Ideamarked Oct2011: Public Transport, Blogger Events & Watching What You Say

October has been a better month than the couple of months preceding it. For one, the rains have finally stopped!! Even if they did give way to scorching, melting, burning sunshine, for me, that means the shorts, summer dresses & flip-flops can finally replace easy-dry clothes & plastic footwear!

I’ve been traveling a bit, first to Bangalore and then to Bordi (posts coming up, of course!). There’s also been a fair bit of socializing with two back-to-back blogger meets by Indiblogger – the first, a blogger preview of MasterChef India2 (photos) and the second, the launch of Dove’s Damage Therapy range via a mini-spa for bloggers. Both were delightful, fun and had some great giveaways (now come on, bloggers are human too – we like freebies just like everybody else!).

The club badge (also the logo of Cadbury's)

Image via Wikipedia

One of the highlights (lowlights?) of the month was when Cadbury’s-Sula asked me to host a Dark Duet Party and botched it up, then topped it with a bad rescue attempt. Incidentally another friend reported another fiasco at her Dark Duet Party, the following weekend.

And finally, Marvin’s World back! After a bit of acting up, my Android has been taken care of with a SD card format and is app-browsing again! Onto some link-love:

  • Social Networks Defined Through Peeing‘: Oh ewww! And hahahaha! (via Reface.me)
  • A new reason to watch your words: Barring a witty retort, the other person might say “That’s what she said!”. And here’s more TWSS! (link courtesy GautamGhosh)
  • Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...

    Image via Wikipedia

    Apple founder, Steve Jobs passed away a few hours ago. The products he pioneered have touched many of our lives in different ways, whether it was the iPod that was the first thing you saved up for & bought with your own money or, like me, if you were lucky enough to have a Mac for your first computer. Fans, detractors aside, here’s what stays with me – Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. (via Youtube)

  • Tomato Bruschetta

    Image via Wikipedia

    If you ever wondered about the correct way to say ‘bruschetta’ or ‘panini’, here’s an easy guide: ‘How To Order At An Italian Restaurant Without Sounding Dumb (Or Pretentious)‘ (via HowAboutWe.com).

  • Hope for public transport-tortured Mumbaikers may be around the corner in the form of a 24-hr dial-in autorickshaw service. Login to Rickshawale.com or check their Facebook Page. And here are some early impressions (link courtesy SharinBhatti, )
  • An auto rickshaw in Bangalore, India

    Image via Wikipedia

    Schedules and timely updates on the Mumbai train lines (via MumbaiLocalTrains, spotted at the Indiblogger-Dove meet).

  • Annie Zaidi & Smriti Ravindra’s latest book ‘A Bad Boy’s Guide To The Good Indian Girl’ explores the relationships women have with men, with each other and themselves. The promotional video features me (!) and a number of other women talking about The Good Indian Girl. (via Youtube).
  • Always a good read or listen: ‘Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen‘ (via Youtube, link courtesy Sanjita)

Ideamarked May2011: Scams, Hacks & Schoolboy Raunch

So here we are, nearly at the end of arguably the hottest month of the year (remember October?). But May is a month of vacations so here is what was amusing me this month. Incidentally, I also have a new section titled ‘Marvin’s World’ on my shopping adventures in the Android Market – check out my posts on games like Angry Birds, Aporkalypse, Tetramania, Bonsai Blast & Tapestry.

  • I hate to begin with raunch but what is one supposed to think after this? RACK!! (via HighHeelConfidential)
  • A Tiny Tale about winning & college romances. (on Social Mantra)
  • A style blogger asks whether modern media is undergoing a revolution? (via RepublicOfChic)
  • Amazon.com‘s mysterious downtime and Sony PlayStation’s hacker attack has us wondering if online business is quite what it’s cut out to be. (via The Economist).
  • Kristopher takes a dig at pop culture’s latest contribution to urban parlance – Angry Birds. (via Twitter)
  • You don’t swear? Can you swear on it? Roycin D’souza and a friend demonstrate a cheeky trick (via Twitter)
  • As prices rise, multiplex service standards crash. An aggrieved customer writes them a letter of goodbye. (via Mudra Mehta)
  • The Facebook ‘Dislike’ button: Another scam! (via Zdnet)
  • Go Green‘: Environmentalism with a spiritual side. Magick offers free, energized saplings ready for plantation.
  • A goosebumps-inducing speech: “Stay hungry, stay foolish“- Steve Jobs’ address to Stanford graduates. (via YouTube)
  • Economics, sociology & politics in 140. (via Twitter)
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