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SMism: Addict

He’s a hashtag junkie, just living from trending topic to trending topic.

SMism: A Facebook Storyline


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Boy meets girl. Boy friends girl.
Girl updates status. Boy likes.
Girl edits DP. Boy likes.
Notification: 27 likes.
Boy unlikes girl.

SMism: Persona

I get that this is just a persona you project, on the Social Media. Well, my persona doesn’t like your persona.

SMism: Gold Digger

She says she only follows guys who have more followers than her. #SMism

SMism: Just Infatuation

He only likes me for my DP. It’s just visual, it’ll never go anywhere.

SMism: Roving Eye

She discovered that hers weren’t the only tweets he routinely favorited so she dumped him.

SMism: I Like You

A page with your name on it, clicked.

My only problem is that Facebook put it in past tense.

“She liked you.”

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