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#SixWordStory: Shopping List

Shopping List

Shopping List:

  • Perfume
  • Blindfold
  • Rope
  • Knife

#SixWordStory: GlassWare


The trophy wife wants junk jewellery.

Memoirs Of A Story-teller

I saw a tag floating around and decided to write my own memoirs in 6 words:

I strove for individuality, then acceptance.


He: I think you’re slightly mad.

She: Can I be your madness?

Shilpa’s tee-shirt


Extra melanin makes me UV resistant.


Blood test: Positive.


Lifeline: Declining….flat.

In the light of recent events

Some more 6-worders…


There’s someone else
Inconvenience highly regretted


Will you answer?
No, I won’t!





Cold war

Freezer: I’m late…

Puddle: I know!!!

I’m also giving comic strips a shot. Please check out my Comics section (or here)


Time to start practicising my new year resolutions (oh don’t you lurrve the superliciousness of that?) Here’s my first 6-word story:

Tears brim over.



Conjunctivitis” doctor pronounces.

And since this is the first we will allow ourself the luxury of a post that explains what this is about. But no more…these are our training wheels…uh, posts.

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