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I Wear: IndoWestern chic

From the archives. I’ll do this one of these days.

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I Wear: Teal & Turquoise

I bought this gorgeous set of earrings & pendant at FabIndia months ago, not knowing when or where I’d wear it. Usually, I don’t tend to go in for Indian designs in jewellery. They seem to overshadow my small face and make me look gaunt and gawky. But this set just called to me because of how delicate it was. That, plus the colours are enamel, not stones (I hate those; they fall off like 2 seconds after you’ve walked out of the store). And finally, how does this Cancerian say no to any silver?

I decided to bring out a plain self-embroidered turquoise salwar kameez that only ever gets an airing on super formal occasions in winter. And since the dress is so simple, I went all out with the eye makeup too.  Tell me if it works or if it’s too matchy-matchy?

I Wear:

  • Turquoise silk self-embroidered kurta & chuddidar: FabIndia
  • Silver with blue-green enamel earrings & pendant: FabIndia
  • Eyes: First I applied Faces dark blue eye pencil on both upper and lower eyelids. Then I added Faces teal eye pencil on the upper lid and half of the lower inner lid, starting from inside till the middle. I lengthened the upper line in Faces dark blue into wingtips and connected the eye tip end to the lower lid line. And finally, I painted a hairfine line in Lakme Shine Line green liquid liner over the TOP of the teal line on the upper lid, running right up to the wingtip. I finished up with an equally thin line in the same Shine Line on the lower outer lid.
  • Lips: Lakme Absolut Matte 203 Brilliant Kiss

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I Wear: It Started With Green Nails

I didn’t post an I Wear post all April and that’s not because I hadn’t been dressing it up (c’mon really? I am vain enough to match my homewear pajamas to my scrunchie). So here goes one from a few months ago.

A hot day travelling to office and back and I had this delightful silver jewellery set I wanted to wear. But it really, really began with the green nail paint I had picked up in a fit of enthusiasm for Gay Pride, but not really worn. I know it’s green but it didn’t look anything like the Hulk or Swamp Thing or any of those images that make people think this isn’t a colour to use in make-up. And it was a perfect match with my earrings. Since the jewellery also had blue, I took out my FabIndia Indigo collection top that I’d bought earlier. This was just a bit before I got my tattoo so you see a clean wrist. But there are the paper planes in print on my top. 🙂

Everything else just fell into place. Green eye pencil in wingtips, coral lipstick and a chunky silver chain to hang the pendant on. Tell me how I look?

I Wear:

  • Indigo cotton top with paper plane prints: FabIndia
  • Silver earrings and pendant: Anamika
  • Coral lipstick: Lust On by Faces Canada
  • Green nail paint: Tenacious Teal 301 by Madeline Color Show
  • Green eye pencil: Emerald by Ikonic Pro-Arte gel pencils

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I Wear: Warm & Cool

Winter’s here (for what it’s worth in Mumbai). And we enjoy the brief stint where we get to wear high necklines, layered garments and boots. The tricky thing about dressing for a December day in Mumbai is that you’ve to be prepared for stinging heat as well as infection-ridden chill. Here’s what I picked for a day of meetings, commuting and an evening out.


I Wear:

  • Maroon & grey tartan print turtle-neck top (cap sleeved): Shoppers Stop
  • Skinny blue jeans: Levis Diva
  • Black corduroy jacket
  • Snakeskin booties: Clark’s (new acquisition!)
  • Onyx pendant on a silver chain: Magick (also new)
  • Silver hoop earrings & a single silver bangle

It turned out to be a warmish day so I was thankful for being able to shrug off the jacket. The booties didn’t hurt even when I walked up seven stories (broken lift *sigh*) so yayyy for a shoe brand that designs for comfort as well as style! And the evening threatened to hit my throat with the cold that everyone passes around in this season, so the jacket came right back on again.

I guess I like that winters are never really that cold in Mumbai but just cool enough to be able to wear some great clothes! 😉

I Wear: A Watery Diwali

Mermaid Diwali

Fiery persona notwithstanding, my Cancerian side shows up every once in awhile. Red is usually my go to colour but occasionally I like to dip into the aqua palatte. Diwali with all its fire and noise and mayhem, made me want to retreat to the comfort of blue, purple and silver. Here’s what I wore to the Diwali dinner.

I Wear:

  • Blue silk kurta: FabIndia
  • Purple cotton silk chuddidaar: FabIndia
  • Blue and purple silk dupatta: FabIndia
  • Silver clutch: Esbeda
  • Turquoise sandals: Lemon
  • Silver flower accessory: Ornament off an old diya, worn as a pendant

It was a peaceful Diwali.

I Wear: A Mermaid On Land

This is the second of my acquisitions from the summer shopping spree. Like the inkblot top, this print too was available in a wide range of cuts and styles (including the one I picked in the inkblot print). I daresay the square cut of the inkblot top might have been interesting in this print and given that this fabric is soft & thin as opposed to the stiffer black & white, it would fall very differently. But I  was really drawn to the cool, swirly blue print and so the loose, flowing shirt/kurta seemed the best.

I had a chance to wear it the very next week. It was a hot day, one where I’d have to travel the length of the city, work for a few hours at a stretch and also fit in a salon appointment. I wanted to be comfortable and cool and this was perfect!

Jeans would have looked good with this top, especially since it has tails long enough to be tucked in. But it was too hot for denim. So I picked out this off-white cotton pair of drawstring pants, that mum got me awhile ago and that I’ve been waiting for summer to wear.

I love the comfort of drawstring pants but they tend to create a ‘muffin-top’ effect. So I let the top hang out loose.

Given the ultra casual vibe, I did feel the need for extra special accessories to keep this from looking like something I’d wear to a pajama party. I ditched my summer staple of earstuds for these dainty danglers from FabIndia. An unrelated aside – did you know talcum powder can work instant wonders on blackened silver? The pendant is a souvenir from my Goa trip last month and the Tibetan market that I chanced upon.

I had a salon appointment later, to rectify this horror inflicted on me by Enrich Matunga. And I decided to throw in a pedicure to pamper myself too. Here’s the before and after of my feet. The green gladiators are almost two years old and unimaginably comfortable. The glittery blue nailpaint was a whim to match my clothes and is what gave this post its name.

The haircut didn’t come off as well as the original but Tabu did a damn, fine job of getting it out of its mess. That’s her reflection in the mirror. What do you think?

And finally here’s the whole look:

I Wear:

  • Blue tie-dye sleeveless cotton shirt: Rs.799, Cotton World
  • Off-white drawstring pants:
  • Crisscross silver earrings: FabIndia
  • Eternity symbol silver pendant: Tibetan market, Calangute, Goa
  • Green strappy gladiators: Lifestyle
  • Haircut & pedicure: Enrich, Lokhandwala

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I Wear: Elephants = Fashion + Fusion

My February began in a flurry of closet confusion. I had happily RSVPed to Kiran Manral’s book/beauty event for ‘The Reluctant Detective‘ at Biguine, Bandra. I had a long meeting coming up, to plan my own event highlight of the month. And in the evening, I was due across town for The Bombay Store’s ‘India Haat‘. What to wear to such diverse settings? My wardrobe agonizing would’ve done Kay Mehra (‘The Reluctant Detective‘s protagonist) proud.

It wasn’t a cool day so that put paid to any plans of turquoise double-breasted jackets, funky nylon leggings or oversized sweaters. I finally went along with a mix of both events – a slinky top that I’d normally wear to a party and a block-printed cotton skirt that I usually build into ‘ethnic’ looks.

My first thought was to theme my look with camels (in honour of the Rajasthan focus of India Haat) but I couldn’t find anything in my wardrobe. I spent the briefest of moments wondering about other animal iconography from the desert state and settled on elephants instead. (Imagine my surprise when I discovered India Haat had more elephants than camels!).

Here are all the textures & colours that I wore:

The top is a plain black wrap with texturing in the form of sheer fabric stripes.The skirt is an ankle-length, flowy wraparound in white with black blockprints of elephants and flowers. I knotted a silk scarf with black & white bandhini prints, on my handbag.

The look still felt too stark for a colourful theme like Rajasthan so I added interest with these accessories:

The earrings are tiny silver studs shaped like elephants. The silver pendant depicts an elephant too and is strung on a thin silver chain. The ring and bangle are both green & red wood (matching the pendant and bag). With these, I didn’t need much more make-up than a swish of eyepencil and a touch of red-brown lipstick.

I Wear:

  • Black & sheer wrap top: Lokhandwala market
  • Black & white wraparound cotton skirt: Lokhandwala market
  • Black leather boots: Shop next to KFC, Linking Road, Bandra
  • Silver elephant stud earrings: Cottage Emporium, Delhi
  • Silver elephant pendant: FabIndia
  • Silver chain: Local silver shop
  • Green & red square wooden ring: FabIndia
  • Green wooden bangle: FabIndia
  • Red handbag: Baggit
  • Steel watch: Casio

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The Bombay Store Launches ‘India Haat’

I was at The Bombay Store on the 1st of February, for their India Haat event, showcasing their Rajasthan special line. There was so much colour around (in keeping with the state represented), that all I did for the next hour was shoot pictures. Let my photographs speak for themselves:

I started with the clothing section:

Fabrics for those who prefer the richness of design & texture, that is Rajasthan:

Home furnishings weren’t far behind:

Fun, quirky kitchenware:

Trinkets are pretty much all I can afford at The Bombay Store, at the moment and here’s what caught my eye:

There was a definite elephant theme going on, curiously coinciding with my own elephant-themed look for the day! Here are all the adorable pachyderms, I spotted (including a photo-negative version of my skirt!):

And finally, the band-baaja:

You can see the individual pictures on the Facebook album of The Idea-smithy.

As the invitation says, the India Haat will be on till the 14th February, 2012.

A Soft Spot For Silver 3: Amethyst Amour

Silver is truly beautiful on its own. But it is also such a wonderful setting for stones of every colour. I think the modesty of silver showcases precious stones much better than the more flashy yellow of gold. One of the loveliest colour combinations is that of purple and silver. The peacefulness of blue & verve of red combine to produce that regal dignity that is purple. Silver’s sweet serenity is the best possible companion for this beautiful colour.

Amethyst is a glassy semi-precious stone that is available in an entire range from lavender to violet to dark purple. Here’s something from my collection that I dip into frequently, when I need a little balance in my life.

I Wear:

  • Silver ear danglers on hooks with oval moonstone with amethyst chips – FabIndia
  • Amethyst studded pendant – The Bombay Store

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