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Bit Poetry & Bytes of EyeCandy

It turns out I can do pretty poetry, as long as it’s in small doses. Sudeep Pagedar pointed me in the direction of YourQuote and their daily word prompt has been giving me a reason to post a daily micropoem.


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Read This At My Funeral

A life was changed
Many things were broken
Status quo

Many languages spoken
And learnt
And built
With grammars
That bore plurals for things that hadn’t before
States of being

And in ending
Yet another rule broken
Another grammar rebuilt
When I say
Life is ending
But I am not yet over

I pass into
Your atmosphere
Your ground
Somebody’s eyeballs
And a hundred different memories

Which will each
And build new grammars of their own.

Passive Aggression

I want to live in a world without words
A world where a sweet delicate combination of sounds
Cannot jolt my heartbeat the wrong way
I’ll probably listen a lot better to other sounds
like the incessant honking on an empty road
and my mother clattering dishes in the kitchen

But then
I’ll turn these sounds into thoughts
and thoughts into sounds again
ones that sound sweeter
becomes passive aggression
My tongue smoothing over the sliding ssssses

Passive aggression
is a gentle enough set of sounds
It’s a soft P
A thread of sssses
A little bump like a firm rock, that G
And more sssses.

Passive Aggression
settles over my face and my nostrils
like a film of plastic
It makes my face itch
I think that’s just the G
so I shift awkwardly under it

But it clings to my cheeks
I yank
and there goes another
against the sides of my eyeballs

Passive Aggression did that
No, I don’t like words at all
Sneaky buggers.

How To Make A Paper Plane

Rochelle brought her wonderful self to Alphabet Sambar and my life last year. She also carried us in the direction of Performance Poetry. In the past year, she has conducted several workshops on the art form. And last week, she hosted her first ever Open Mic at Me So Happi. As a show of support, I said I’d be there. But I got swept up in her infectious warmth and was inspired to give it a shot myself. So here, wonderful world (because I’m feeling that good!), is my maiden performance. You can see Rochelle in the corner just behind me, cheering me on.

Rochelle, thank you for being a wonderful person and for showing me how it is possible to be both warm and an independent woman.

This event has whetted my appetite and I’m hoping to do more. If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll see how this could be a milestone for me creatively and individually. Please leave a comment with any thoughts you may have.

Note: Alphabet Sambar is a community project for writers, that I began in October 2013. Today we have over 100 members spread across 7 countries and 14 cities. Mumbai is our most active spot. We meet every Sunday to share our writing, critique each other’s work and have a geeky laugh or two over words. If you love writing and conversations about words, come join us! Alphabet Sambar is on Twitter and Facebook. You can also write to me at ideasmithy at gmail dot com if you’d like to attend a meet.

#Ideastory: Walk With Me

Walk with me,
But not everywhere I go
Point me to the star
That your eyes follow
And if I don’t, Pause
Just long enough to see
What dark alley I went down
Before you smile and move on.

I’ll meet you on the other side.
We’ll share notes
And say how lovely it was to walk together.

#ideaverse #poetry #alley #city #traveller #mumbai – at Kala Ghoda

View on Path

Power Play

I’m a sadist
in a masochistic land
You call me God,
you call me the Devil

Hurt me! Heal me!
Kill me! Spare me!
Nail me! Resurrect me!

Pain, your manna
Religion, your poison
All you need, all you demand

I hold out food, not to feed
But to induce insatiable hunger
the way you want

I am the provider,
the ultimate safety measure
Entertainment for your sole pleasure

*Based on an old 55-word story from my archives. Tell me if it’s an improvement.


I decided to give the limerick format a run. I didn’t follow the syllable count rules. Trying to say something in 5 lines, make them rhyme and be funny was a challenge enough. I think they turned out pretty horrible, as it is.

The painful thing about being Tamil
Is how we deal with being mammal
Our calcium needs
Are eclipsed by our feeds
The Horlicks-hump could rival a camel

When the girl’s years turn to twenty
The parental worries grow aplenty
Degrees, pay checks to barter
For fairness, cooking & being a martyr
Shaadidom is serious; don’t get sent

Manisha’s Sunday mood
Is morbid and crude
Funerals, sharks, hai hai
Season her Suleimani chai
Rhyming Durrel with Tamizh is just rude.

Mumbai Haiku

At a one-off Haiku event, I attempted a few of my own. The rules I could remember to follow were:

  • A reference to a season/time of the year
  • Two distinct images (no similes)
  • Three lines (I let the syllable count drop though)
  • A full sentence and a sentence fragment

Given that I live in modern-day Mumbai and not picturesque, old-world Japan, my imagery is rather umm….gristly. Be kind.



Cold cream pitches;
The morning train
blows our trumpet


Carrot flower;
The sweating bridegroom
goes crunch

Cracked soles;
Hot coffee runs
out from below

Hands outstretched
to own the world;
Celluloid king

Evening shower;
The Elephant God
goes home

Sleepless Nights

On restless nights, I wrote your name in silver-grey swirls of memories and dotted the i’s with tears till sleep blacked me out.

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