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Short of despair

After all the casual, pretty words
And the light, empty promises
Why do I still trust you?

Because I must.

My trust betrays me.

* Earlier at Short of Despair.

Zinger: Chemistry


Zinger: Alien


Zinger: Fairytale Romance


Ideamarked Jan2013: Writing & Friendship – What Else Is There To Life?

It has been exactly a year since I did the monthly link-love roundup of Ideamarking. I also didn’t do the end-of-year roundup that bloggers usually do. But if you are a friend or regular reader, you may know that 2012 was a tumultous year for me. Suffice to say that more changes happened to me in that one year than possibly the entire decade before that. It was all good, eventually but it was tiring.

Which is why I’m glad to be out of 2012 and what I hope is the saner ground of a new year. I started this year with a great deal of hope – for ideas that didn’t get their full due earlier rather than just new ideas. So I’m bringing back the link-love. Here’s what I managed to catch through the first month of 2013, up for your reading pleasure:

  • It’s not what you know that others don’t, it’s that you say it in a way they want to take it from knowing to living it. ‘What Makes You Brave‘ (via Thought Catalog)
  • What do you do when your life turns out a grand drama instead of a prose piece you hoped it would be? Blame the Great Writer & turn a page. – Me.
  • A poignant piece of poetry from the soulful Hussain Haidry (via An Internal Exile).
  • In this time of social networking where a ‘friend’ is just a button click, do we spend enough time thinking about this extremely important relationship? ‘10 Thoughts To Consider When Making A Friend‘ (via Thought Catalog)
  • The London Writers Rooms, an interesting concept for professional writers. Relevant to writers everywhere. (link courtesy Sveccha)
  • Rather #FirstWorldProblems these but entertaining read nevertheless: ‘The 20 Most Annoying Life Situations‘ (via Thought Catalog)
  • Three things I added to Ideasmith’s life in 2013: Pinterest, Goodreads and Quora.

Social Media Nuisances


Pining for interest

I’ve now hit the next stage of a social media service with Pinterest. I’m fed up of seeing pictures of clothes with a sprinkling of creatively photographed food, when I sign in. Oh, there’s also the occasional infographic, which is the Pinterest snob’s way of saying, “I’m intelligent, biatch.”

Can someone please find something else worth sharing? Also, get your fingers off their lazy butts (!!) and start pinning instead of repinning, Pinterest users!

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Woman, are you safe on Social Media?

I combine two of my interests in this next Social Samosa post – womanhood’s challenges & social media. Facebook’s claim to fame were its privacy settings. Last month’s big news in this space was that a staggering majority of Pinterest users were women. Among the theories being bandied about was the belief that women felt safer (for some undisclosed reason) on Pinterest. I don’t believe any place online or offline is truly safe for a woman. This post looks at some basic safety tips that a lot of women don’t seem to realize

Head of Women

Head of Women (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. Stay on the social space ladies, but stay safe!

The flipside of the Information Age is how it has made the broadcasting of personal information a casual thing. A decade ago, it would have been unthinkable to share a person’s phone number without their consent. But today, since every call center and social network has access to a person’s contact details, the sanctity of this information has been lost. As a result, the average social media user may pass on the contact details of someone he knows, without a thought given to how that information could be misused, validating the recipient or how the owner of that information feels.

Read ‘Woman are you safe on Social Media‘ on Social Samosa.

Is Pinterest Pricking The Copyright Balloon?

I’ve been spending nearly an hour of my online time every day on Pinterest. In addition to Pinterest’s own features, this exercise of joining and building a usage profile on a new social network/service is interesting too.

For the unpinned, Pinterest is an image curation service. And unlike older image services like Flickr & Photobucket, Pinterest allows for easier integration with other social networks, sharing of content and connecting to other users.

What I’m finding really interesting is that Pinterest symbolizes an evolutionary step in social media user behaviour. We are moving from content creation to content curation. However, Pinterest has been born into a space and a time where these questions are dividing the space into several factions. What’s the world going to look like when content belongs not just to the creator, but to everybody?

Read my article on Pinterest grappling with the copyright paradigm on Social Samosa: ‘Is Pinterest Pricking The Copyright Balloon?

*Image via Carlos Porto on FreeDigitalPhotos.

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