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Kate Kincaid: Henry Denker – A Careergirl Finds Herself

Kate Kincaid by Henry Denker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a story of an ambitious nurse who resents the social hierarchy imposed on her profession. After a falling out with her hospital, which is both personal & professional, she decides to attend an offbeat but worthy education program offered by a remote mountain hospital. The book tells of her experiences in that year and the rustic people she meets and how they shape her.

True to Denker’s style, the story moves quickly and doesn’t make your attention snag on the somewhat mediocre writing. What really interested me what that this story is as much about a strong woman’s fight for her own identity as it about a nurse standing up for her profession. Kate Kincaid is ambitious, even cold sometimes, condescending, judgemental and egoistic. But her fight is also about these traits being punished on account of her gender, instead of lauded as professional achievements, as they would be in a man.

While the word is never used, this is a feminist of the 80s. Her story is one that many of us can relate to, even today. The choice between the ‘easy’ life of being Mrs.Somebody and taking a risk of creating an identity for oneself – that hasn’t gotten easier even 15 years later.

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My Least Favorite People (Fine, My Pet Prejudices)

1. Doctors. This ‘noble’ profession stayed noble for me only as far as the parents of my best friend. Every medicine man & woman after that, has looked at me and my family and seen only a big, fat wallet. Scum.

2. Pedigreed puppies. It’s bad enough that this country values degrees & diplomas over knowledge & understanding. Then there is the fact that most of these branded institutions serve as nothing more than factories churning out certifications by crateful. Add to that the lack of age/experience stipulation which means the average age of the products from one of these institutions is 23 (and the associated immaturity & brashness). And finally there is the idolization that the entire country heaps on them, treating them like God’s gift to this universe, the workforce, the dating scene and the marriage market.Their attitude, their work ethic and the people they are (if there is anything human beyond the degree/diploma) leave so much to be desired. So very much.

3. Male chauvinists, mama’s boys & the typical Indian hypocritical males. Need I say more? I don’t think they deserve more than these words.

4. Workaholics, especially if they are senior to you in an organization. If you need me to explain this, chances are that you’re one yourself and then, I have nothing to say to you except: GET A LIFE!! (and stop torturing other people for your lack thereof!)

5. Delhi men: Male chauvinists. Hypocrites. Overprivileged brats. Boors. Road rage drivers. Presumptous, pompous p*!@&s.  And on occasion, rapists. What, really I need to say more? You’re from that bloody city, aren’t you?

To this distinguished list, I now add – House Brokers: The pimps of real estate, the scavengers of the worst of this city – space. I loathe you, I despise you, I think you have to be the most horrible creatures if, of all the things you can do, you choose to do this.

That’s a lot of people to wish were extinct, isn’t it? Well, it’s a shitty world.

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