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I Wear: Red & Roaring

This is my last winter-delayed post, I promise. It’s too hot to even look at woolens and collars, I know. My big style (and spiritual) revelation of 2014 was returning to my soul colour – RED. Red brought back the memory of who I used to be and who I still am, deep down. RAWWWWWRRRRRRR!!!

I Wear:

  • Red suede shoes: R City Mall, Vikhroli
  • Red & black pullover: Bandra stalls
  • Glass heart pendant on a chain: Gift from Reena (see when I wore this as Neil Gaiman’s Desire)
  • Lion ‘Roar’ socks: Forever New
  • Blue jeans: Levis
  • Butterfly earrings: Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Makeup: Red lipstick, stark black gel pencil on upper lid only (no wingtips, no glitter)

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A Soft Spot For Silver 4: Flowers & Fish

Given my penchant for colourful clothes, bags & shoes, I risk going overboard if I take that to my jewellery too. That’s probably why I like plain silver jewellery most of the time. Silver is as basic a colour as it can get, since it’s almost white. I like my jewellery tiny & delicate since anything chunkier looks too heavy on my lean features. Almost always, that single flash of jewellery is literally & figuratively the silver lining in my streetwear style. Here are some of the pieces that I reach for, often.

From top to bottom:

  • Silver & moonstone flower ear studs
  • Thin silver twisted chain
  • Sterling silver fish earrings: Estelle
  • Silver flower pendant: The Bombay Store
  • Square silver ring: Shop in Khoka market, Vileparle West

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A Soft Spot For Silver 3: Amethyst Amour

Silver is truly beautiful on its own. But it is also such a wonderful setting for stones of every colour. I think the modesty of silver showcases precious stones much better than the more flashy yellow of gold. One of the loveliest colour combinations is that of purple and silver. The peacefulness of blue & verve of red combine to produce that regal dignity that is purple. Silver’s sweet serenity is the best possible companion for this beautiful colour.

Amethyst is a glassy semi-precious stone that is available in an entire range from lavender to violet to dark purple. Here’s something from my collection that I dip into frequently, when I need a little balance in my life.

I Wear:

  • Silver ear danglers on hooks with oval moonstone with amethyst chips – FabIndia
  • Amethyst studded pendant – The Bombay Store

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A Soft Spot For Silver 2: Indian Designs

I like to call this FabIndia chic as the look is best supplied by this brand & its me-toos. It’s about Indian prints, natural fabrics like cotton or silk and traditional jewellery designs in silver or wood. In the past few years, FabIndia have added a decent jewellery range to their merchandise, which complement most looks. But their designs are best matched with their own pieces – kurtas, kurtis & mix-match salwar kameezes. Like a lot of urban women, I’ve found this look perfect for everyday work wear since it is comfortable, smart & appropriate for most situations from a board meeting to a temple visit to an impromptu after-work drink with friends.

Here’s my must-have collection that matches the Indian end of my wardrobe.

These are (from left to right):

  • Silver filigree ear hoops: FabIndia
  • Thin silver chain: Neighborhood silver store
  • Elephant pendant on silver base: FabIndia
  • Silver bangle: FabIndia
  • Silver ear danglers with green semi-precious stones: Goa flea market


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A Soft Spot For Silver 1: Lock & Key

Silver is my favorite metal. It’s one of my favorite colours. It is also my birth metal, given that I’m a July-born Cancerian. A touch of silver always brightens up my look and my mood. I’m never seen without at least a single silver ornament.

From right to left:

  • Imitation silver key ear danglers on clasp-holders
  • Sterling silver chain bracelet with heart charm by Estelle
  • Imitation silver lock ear studs
  • Single imitation silver key ear dangler

I mix and match these by pairing a dangler with a stud. Or a earring as a scarf ornament. Or as a charm on the chain bracelet. Locks & keys go together after all. All of these have been picked up over the years, off roadside stalls, except for the chain bracelet, which is available at the Estelle counter at Landmark.


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Ideamarked: November 2010 – Nostalgia, Romance, Identity Theft, Fashion, Street Photography, Geek Humour & Kids

It has been a busy month, what with the domain issues and shifting back to WordPress. Actually, I don’t regret it. This old template (I’m hoping at least a few of you recognize it from having been my readers since then) triggers off old moods and inspiration and I feel freer to write about a lot of things that got buried under the gleaming-gloss of a fancy template and a hotshot domain name. This can only be good.

The Idea-smithy on Facebook idea continues and I’ve been posting links. It’ s a little trickier than the XX Factor Facebook page. XX Factor concerns itself with very specific topics and areas and it is is relatively easy to tell what would appeal to the readers of the blog. But The Idea-smithy is a lot broader, greyer, flexible in its nature. From its inception in 2004, it has been a rantfest, a scribble-pad, a poetry corner, a personal diary, a writing journal and a photo-blog. The posts encompass poetry, fiction, cityscapes, photographs, cartoons, humour, writing exercises, link-and-editorials, reviews and a lot of generally uncategorizable stuff.

I’m still grappling to define this blog the way I struggle to define myself. Tell me, my dear readers, old and new, what do you like about The Idea-smithy? What are your topics of choice? What do you hate? What else would interest you?

I’ve taken some chances in the first month of link-love on Facebook and here’s what I came up with. Your inputs are not just welcome, they’re vital!

  • Writers, romance-lovers, diehard M&Bers, hear ye!: A writing challenge looking for synopsis and first chapter of a novel (via Harlequin Enterprises)
  • This one did the rounds on email a few years ago and all of us in our twenties (then!) sighed and said, “That’s my life!!!”. A landmark net-pop culture reference: The Quarter-life crisis (via Caltech)
  • A strange case of identity-theft: Is someone stealing your tweets and your identity? (via Soma Ghosh)
  • Many of these gave me goosebumps. The related ‘women’s regrets’ one didn’t do that. Strange that is: The secrets regrets of men (via Lemondrop)
  • OMG, if only these were available on the streets, they’d be I Style! I would love to wear The Gateway of India or even The Bandra Worli Sea-link!: The architecture of statement rings (via (via Republic of Chic)
  • Whacky remixes in packaging!: Hommade Undies (via Chhavi Noticed This!)
  • Toilet humour and yes, it is funny!: Accurate Toiletry Instructions (via CollegeHumour)
  • Slightly outdated (which is ancient in internet terms). Appropriate for the month of the release of The Social Network: What Your Email Extension Says About You (via CollegeHumour)
  • I LMAOed. Then I wondered if I was too much of a geek because I understood every single reference in there:The First Fail (via CollegeHumour)
  • Mommy-bloggers, unite! You aren’t alone!: Shit My Kids Ruined (via ShitMyKidsRuined)

Retail Therapy

Today, I accompanied E Vestigio across the city. When I say across, I mean literally across. In the space of 6 hours, I’ve passed dug-up roads, flyovers, under-rail subways, main roads, a highway, bylanes and market roads. I’ve been inside a mall, foodcourt, chain store branches, thronged a bazaar, hunted down an inner-lane shop and bargained with roadside vendors. We started at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon East and worked our way south-westward ending at Santacruz station market.

Now ostensibly, today’s trip was her agenda, with routes, destinations and shopping lists laid out in careful detail. So how is it that I find I’m now in possession of three new handbags, two pairs of sandals, a ring, a bangle, an almost tee-shirt (returned for reasons we won’t get into now) and three packs of to-fry cheese fingers?

Let’s see, there was Inc.5 with whom my only experience so far has been these delightful creatures. If I hoped for a repeat of that, I was rather lured away by E’s more sensible and stable choices. I rather regret not picking up the omelette-yellow sandals.

Then there was the mannequin wearing a tee-shirt depicting ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ display signs, the kind you see on toilet doors in malls. Of course I had to check it out. I saw a really cool racer-back with a print of ghungroo-clad feet. Voila! It fit! It was only after I paid and looked at the bill, did I realize that I’d been charged about a third more than what was on the price tag. The salesgirl sniffed and stated pointedly that the price tag showed the material cost while any print was extra. E came to my rescue (or perhaps kept me from throwing a shopper-tantrum and screaming my head off). The tee was returned and we left. Oh well, the print wasn’t that great and anyway I can paint it on myself. Huh.

We lunched in the foodcourt, the largest, most varied one I’ve ever seen and it prompted me to exclaim,

The only other place I’ve seen such a food court is in Heathrow airport!!

Oberoi Mall has successfully pulled off what none of its earlier counterparts in the areas could. It combines the cool of the western suburbs’ InOrbit while also catering to the more ethno-diverse population in the eastern suburbs. Town be damned, Mumbai’s disposable income is never more visible than in the suburban malls. There is a certain new-money loudness in these places. There is also a refreshing lack of world-weary cynicism. E gushed and gushed about the food court before capturing our mood with,

Such simple things make us joyful, no?

Yes, indeed. We remember shopping centers, neighborhood kiranas and restaurant food. Malls, food courts and glitzy stores are still a big, very big deal in our lives.

As we were leaving, I just had to check out Rhysetta. Esbeda introduced me to colourful-but-classy bags; it was good to find another brand that offered the same. I was intrigued by a bright yellow bag with a black handle. The sunshine colour seems to have been my theme today. E very pointedly said,

If you wear them all together, you’ll be a dirty fellow.

…which of course meant I had to take the green instead. It’s neon green, not a dull/sensible colour by any stretch but I’m still rather in lustful desire with that yellow bag. Maybe I’ll trip back tomorrow to do an exchange. (Forgive me E, you’re just going to wear sunglasses when you see me next!!)

There was a black sequined bag I almost bought except that its strap looked more like a fracture-cast bandage on my arm than the mock-bracelet it was supposed to be. Undeterred, I stopped at another bag shop while E walked into the FabIndia. None of my shortlisted choices met with her approval though, so I walked out purchaseless. FabIndia, on the other hand, never failing to please, put me in possession of two bags. One is blue raw silk with buttis print and metal kadas for handles. The other is a black silk with buttis and looks like an open envelope. How could I *not* buy those?! Money is to be made so it can be spent on such wonderful things (okay, after the basic necessities).

The bazaars outside stations are throwbacks to creditcardless student days of raste-ka-maal-saste-mein bargains. My loss of the yellow sandals still smarted so instead we made up by buying two pairs of gladiators, one black-with-metal riveting dominatrix and the other brown-with-bronze buckles sensible chic. E’s superb bargaining ensured these two cost me less than the price of that one yellow pair.

And when all of this was done, I had burned off enough of calories and water-atoms to be ravenous. So I picked up the cheese sticks for dinner.

Yes, it all makes sense in retrospect. Try telling that to my wallet, though.

E thanked me at the end of the day for accompanying her on her errands. I said, “No, thank you. I had so much fun!!” Now I think she should thank me again. You see, when I shop on my own, I usually know what I want and how, where and for how much I want to buy it.

But malls, display windows and charming streetside sellers aren’t designed for people like that. They are focused, diabolical strategies to target unsuspecting people who haven’t really been intending to buy anything at all!! A good friend isn’t someone who puts up with bad roads, horrible weather and crowded stores with you. All of that is part of the thrill of shopping. A good friend is the one who is willing to take that final risk of putting herself in the eye of the marketer’s fire. It’s really like being on a diet and agreeing to walk through the diary products section of the store with your friend who wants to get to green veggies on the other side!

But this is all said in jest. At the end of the day, my toes hurt, my scalp feels itchy from all the dust and my face muscles feel like they’re sagging along with my limbs. But I’ve had an uncommonly long chat with a good friend, laughing, discussing serious stuff, being silly, grumbling about men, work, life and such, bitching about prices, brands, styles and other people. E Vestigio, poppet, thank you, love.

I feel good. Retail therapy? Maybe it does work after all.

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