Food For The 90s Voyeur

Once upon a time the phrase ‘music video’ occupied the mindspace that ‘MMS clip’ does today. Take the sleaze, the voyeurism & the shock value and turn the calender back a decade and a half. The 90s had butt-grabbing angels, thong-flashing teenagers and call girls with pink guns. They also had Ila Arun.

Hearken to,

“Yeh thandi aahein bharti hain. Yeh garam saasein leti hain. Aaaah. Aaaah.”

Blow hot/blow cold chick this. Move over Ishq Bector, take that Savita bhabhi, the simmering sexuality of a saree-clad housemaid was talked about a long time ago. Don’t miss Ila Arun’s expressions in every shot.

I heard this song blaring from my neighbor’s window and brought back a flash of nostalgia. Not in a good way. But in that cheap thrills-dirty laugh way. It turns out voyeurism will never die.


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