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Ideamarked Dec2011: Calvin & Hobbes, Mother Teresa & Social Samosa

December is always a busy month, what with friends & family flying in from out of the country, parties, events and meets. Everyone is in a festive mood and the weather is lovely even in Mumbai.

My best friend who moved to another continent last year, visited. Other regulars made their annual trips. I’ve attending all manner of events, from tweet-ups, to weddings to movie premiers to dance workshops. I also managed to catch a few interesting things online. A new assignment came my way, via SocialSamosa, a one-stop shop for information on the Indian social media. Twitter called telecom minister, Kapil Sibal an idiot and boosted an insofar little known Tamil actor to fame with Kolaveri Da. It’s been a fun end to an eventful year.

  • Why This Kolaveri Da: Reply Cover-Female Version‘ (via Youtube, link courtesy SangitaBhargavi)
  • Why Guest Posting Is Such A Good Idea‘: I’ve been a guest-blogger at other sites myself. And in the past few months, XX Factor has welcomed guest contributors. Here’s why it works so well. (via FamousBloggers)
  • ”Social Networking: How Communities Were Built: (via SocialSamosa)
  • ‘Kapil Sibal & The C-word’: My take on the phenomenon that made our telecom minister trend on Twitter. (via SocialSamosa)
  • Whats goin’ on‘: This video should make us all wonder if we ever bullied someone more than we needed to. (via Youtube, link courtesy AshwiniMishra)
  • Mommie Dearest: The fanatic, fraudulent Mother Teresa‘: Watching idols crumble is always a difficult experience…and a valuable one for the inquiring mind. I don’t know how much of this is fact but it does open up the field for inquiry where there was only blind belief before. (via Slate, link courtesy KiranManral)
  • An Untold Tale‘: I loved this poem for the first two lines: “We each have our story to tell
    A part narrated by others” (via PreetiS)
  • A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas‘: Fans of Calvin and Hobbes, remember his winter sculptures? Here’s a hilarious video that recreates many of them to the tune of ‘Winter Wonderland’! (via YouTube, link courtesy Betty Confidential)
  • The Creation & Consumption Of Content‘ (via Social Samosa)

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Kapil Sibal & The C-Word

Kapil Sibal is this week’s hot topic on the Twitterverse. Catch my thoughts on what’s making him news, at Social Samosa. I’m picking a few titbits from the article. Read the full story at Social Samosa and comment!

‘Free to speak except if it hurts somebody else’ is a misnomer. Who judges what is hurtful and what is not? One man’s humour is another man’s slander. Screening can’t be absolute, else it becomes restriction.

Censorship may not be the way to go but regulating it might be a thought. Freedom of speech can’t be absolute. In fact, there are no absolutes when it comes to real people and so many of them.

It’s got little to do with what is ethical and more to do with who gets to control detailed data about a large group of people.

There have been attempts to censor the internet, in the past, starting right from public figures decrying it for making morphed pictures accessible in the 90s, to Blogspot being closed off for nearly 2 days following an Orkut hate-community targeted at a political party.

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