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#Ideastory: Walk With Me

Walk with me,
But not everywhere I go
Point me to the star
That your eyes follow
And if I don’t, Pause
Just long enough to see
What dark alley I went down
Before you smile and move on.

I’ll meet you on the other side.
We’ll share notes
And say how lovely it was to walk together.

#ideaverse #poetry #alley #city #traveller #mumbai – at Kala Ghoda

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Broken Hearts

Broken hearts taste
like glass shards
in old wine.

Mark Me

blood tears

blood tears (Photo credit: Keres Jasminka)








Tattoo your inner demons
all over my body
Lay your glance next to my heart
Touch my soul


Listen to me put you down.
Beg me to make you beg for more.
Then call me a bitch for stomping all over your heart.

You always get your way.

Pastiersky bič

Pastiersky bič (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your Secrets

smoking gun

smoking gun (Photo credit: Plasticsturgeon)

Your secrets
stir the emptiness inside me
like gunshots in the middle of the night.

Games of Identity

I play games with you
because my mirror has only two dimensions.

Be my otherself?
Be me and I’ll be you?

lo specchio

lo specchio (Photo credit: mbeo)



My affection, it grew like a tree
Reaching out words like branches
Chopped & sanded till you swept up the scraps
With a broom of the twigs that fell off.


Description unavailable

Description unavailable (Photo credit: lilithwitch)

comes rolling out of my pursed lips
like smoke curling under the door.

Somebody’s going to get burnt soon.

Pretty Notions

wet hand on rock - Spain Fraile river

wet hand on rock – Spain Fraile river (Photo credit: solarthermienator)

Pretty notions,
like faint moisture
on her hands
in the sunlight,
and vanished into thin air.

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