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#Ideastory: Artist of Reality

Reality Artist

He’s an artist of reality.

He shoots
seconds after the shutters click
when people aren’t posing anymore.

Only with his eyes.

#IdeaStory: Sea of Words

Sea of words

I’m drowning in a sea of words, she says
You don’t want to be rescued, he observes
So she asks if they can write a story together.

#IdeaStory: Laughter


Her laughter
into a thousand pieces
that went skipping
over his wonder.

One stuck
deep in his heart
and bled when she left.

#IdeaStory: Merry-Go-Round

Merry go round

Life with you
is like being on a merry-go-round, she says.
But, he asks, did you see the view?
Yes, she says, on our next upswing.

#IdeaStory: Mermaid


You learnt to float, she yells,
ducking under him smoothly.
When she surfaces,
he’s walking on the water.

#Ideastory: Wedding Gown

Titanic wedding

She took the towel he offered. And then his hand. White gown, still pristine in colour, if not form. He watched her peel it off, lace clinging to her curves. Trim the hem, she told him, it trips. And she tossed it to him as she wen to call the bride.

Damn Titanic-themed weddings!

#Ideastory: Party


I’m throwing a party, she says,
and you’re not invited.

Fine, he replies,
Then be sure not to send me the bill.

#Ideastory: Language Lovers


Your love is so much traas, she says
Your words are such bakwaas, he replies

They walk into the literary festival hand-in-hand.

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#Ideastory: Play-acting


Let us drift on an ocean of ideas and call it conversation
Let’s share an AHA! moment and mistake it for compatibility
Let us feel the camaraderie of fellow voyagers and call it love

I will if you will. Shall we call it a date?

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