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Ideamarked: The Best Of 2011

2011 has been a lot of things but boring. One feature that I was really happy to add to The Idea-smithy was the Ideamarked section. Interesting links dot the internet and I come across plenty of them in my daily trawling and my daily feeds.Sharing them on Facebook is easy-peasy but that only reaches the Facebook users on my network. Bringing the month’s links over to the blog made it possible for me to share it with the readers here and also credit all my friends & followers who shared a link. Also, it has been interesting to see just what gripped our fancy each month.

I spent so much time looking through those links on 31st that I couldn’t actually put up this post on the last day of the year as I planned. But a couple of days late, I’m still very happy to bring you the best things that The Idea-smithy spotted in 2011:

Social Networking-The Creation & Consumption Of Content

Earlier in the month, I began writing for Social Samosa. My brief was to recap the major events in social networking over the past few years in India. Given how vast this is, I broke it up into two parts. I started with an article titled, ‘Social Networking: How Communities Were Built’. In that post, I looked at the connections aspect of social networking.

Image via Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot,

The second part of that story is now online in a piece titled, ‘Social Networking: The Creation & Consumption Of Content‘ where I discuss the other harbingers of the social media revolution – blogs, commenting systems, bulletin boards, discussion groups and everyone’s favorite birdie – Twitter.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Online content creation began with a few individuals putting out text & images that could be consumed by other users of the internet. In the recent years, though, we’ve seen content creation get closer & closer to the space that we call social networking.  A content creator is not an artist working in isolation but the initiator & propagator of conversations.  The social networks are but channels to drive conversations, which need content.  Thus it was inevitable that social connectors and content holders should find themselves merging in a borderless space.

‘Content creation’ is a misnomer since, increasingly, we are all becoming both producers & consumers of content.  One person feeds into the network a piece of information or an insight or a personal account (a phenomenon now called ‘seeding’ if done with the intent to propagate).  Others read it and share it on their networks (the phenomenon now called ‘going viral’).  Along the way, comments are added and other bits of content spring up in response to the first piece.  These could take several forms – blog posts, tweets, comments, status updates, pictures and videos, to name a few.  The conversation now spans multiple users, data points, media and web locations. Every user in this process has now become both a consumer and a creator of content.”

Read the rest of the article here.

The Specialness Of A Display Picture

Is it pathetic when you look at the display picture of someone you haven’t talked to, in ages & think,

“That picture was taken on my camera!”

No it’s not. And I’ll tell you why. Because it means I was there in that moment with that person. It means that moment, either preserved for posterity because it was so precious or simply because the picture was most pleasing as a representation of its owner, was shared with me. It means that that moment still trumps the zillion others that have happened ever since then.

Think of when cameras were not digital, when photo-processing was a laboratory function, not a ‘Wait for it’ message on your viewfinder. You could go for years on a single photograph since there might not be an opportunity or a camera or a developed film in that while in between. Now with every moment being mobile-picable, every picture being uploadable and every display pic being changeable, think of what a really old DP means.

Yes, that’s why it’s not pathetic.

Social Networking-How Communities Were Built

December opens in one of my favorite ways – a new writing project! 🙂 I’ve been an active member of the online community from 1996 and the social sub-community that emerged in the early years of the last decade. Now I get to lay down my observations in a commentary of this space. I’m quite excited to be part of Social Samosa!

Social Samosa is a venture by Ankita Gaba and Aditya Gupta and will focus exclusively on the Indian social media space. That’s a tall order, as you may imagine, considering just how much there is, firstly, to social media and secondly, to how Indians are using it.

I start with by exploring the advent of social networking in a 2-part article. The first post titled ‘Social Networking: How Communities Were Built‘, looks at the prominent players and their individual attempts to build the social community we have today. Facebook stars prominently of course as does LinkedIn but Orkut, Google Plus and Egroups feature along the way too. Do read it and tell me what you think!

“The primary function of a social network is to connect people. However, it is not enough to link people and assume that they will prolong the interaction, or indeed keep their interactions within the network. Furthering those connections & retaining the conversations within the network, is crucial for the network to survive. People need activities in order to transition from connection to community. “

Read the full article here.

Image via Jscreationzs

WordPress Takes A Leaf Out Of Facebook

I just noticed that WordPress is following Facebook’s stead.

Look at this toolbar. My attention was captured by a bright red 2 (now showing as a grey 0). Clicking on it resulted in a dropdown list of notifications. The images next to it is my gravatar or what WordPress reads as my display picture. A click there leads to a menu with basic options like sign out, profile edits, Help and navigation to my other blogs. Very Facebook/Google

After ‘Likes’, Facebook sets another standard in the socially-networked universe.

Ideamarked Sep2011: Cocktails, Dabbawallas & Wisdom

August was a busy month so I didn’t manage much link-love. But September started off on a good note and I’m hoping it’ll only get better.

My Style section is picking up. For a few reader/friends who asked, I Style! features whacky, fun clothing & accessories; Ideart showcases my fabric painting and I Wear tracks everyday style. This month, I add to the repertoire by featuring other people whose sense of style caught my eye. But don’t worry, I’m not turning into a fashionasta. Dressing & looking good are an important part of our daily lives. But The Idea-smithy will still have fiction, pop culture, reviews, general quips & wisdom (?). And here’s September’s features:

  • There’s enough being said about the best hairstyle for your face type but what about the
    Bellini Cocktail

    Image via Wikipedia

    one accessory that’s closest to your face? ‘Your Face Shape & Earrings‘ (via

  • What’s a status update if not a way to rant? (via Facebook)
  • The art/book/style lover in you will LOVE this store that produces clothing with book art. (via OutOfPrintClothing, link courtesy HippyHollySimpleSally)
  • A handful of cocktail recipes from everyone’s favorite intelligent party-girl! ‘Cocktail recipes for people who really just like anything with a salt rim‘ (via TheCompulsiveConfessor)
    Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

    Image via Wikipedia

  • A book about language & whether it can be grown ‘artificially’. ‘In the land of invented languages‘ (link courtesy Time)
  • The dabbawalla has gone online! Find a tiffin service by cuisine, meal & location at IndiaTiffins.
  • Dabba Tiffins III

    Image by Meanest Indian via Flickr

    One from my Bookmarks from the 90s, this site has provided daily wisdom in my mailbox for over a decade. Ranging from the writings of Osho to Zen pearls to quotes by famous people, Deeshan is now available on Twitter & Facebook too.

  • A former colleague turns film director. His first film, Kshay is being screened at the Chicago International Film Festival. Congratulations, Shaan!
  • Shakti gives us India’s answer to the LBD! (via Twitter).
  • After I asked what Facebook’s look was doing for its users, this came up as an answer: ‘Does Facebook Really Care About You?’ (via CNN)
  • A hilarious email chain that’s been modified and edited from the original article, for sometime now: ‘London Times Obituary Of The Late Mr.Common Sense‘ (via MyBroadBand)
Little Black Dress

Image via Wikipedia

Facebook Is The New Prom Queen

Facebook logo

Image via Wikipedia

Facebook is now that annoying classmate you had in school, who got too busy upstaging her rival (Google Plus) to be any kind of friend to you anymore. This new look does precisely what for any of its users?

I wonder if anyone actually cares about the most popular girl in school.

lowercase "g"

Image via Wikipedia

Ideamarked July2011: Social Networks, Twitter Talk & Internet Memes

Birthday month! Among my many gifts were a trip to The City of Joy, the last metro I’ve been to. I also had an article published in Marie Claire India this month and a post on FriendsOfBooks. That apart, I’ve been cooking, dressing up and having fun! Nothing much else to say I guess; happiness is simple!

  • Bizarre but funny, this Twitter baby will probably be the next internet meme. (via Twitter)
  • A striking review of Google Plus & Facebook (via StrikingArrow, link courtesy Pushpa). Also see my first thoughts on Google Plus.
  • My second post on books – let’s go ride a dragon, let’s find a vampire to bite, a broomstick to fly, a tree to talk to…let’s go hunt some troll!: ‘Fantasy For Beginners: 10 Books To Get You Started’ (via FriendsOfBooks)
  • Use the power of social media to give your career that edge! My article in this month’s issue of Marie Claire India ‘The Careerist: The Online Advantage
  • A funny metaphor on food (via Twitter)
  • A chilling story on how dreams are lost, by Sidin Vadukut (via Livemint, link courtesy Gautam Ghosh)
  • The world’s first matrimonial social network! What an idea! Login to Youpid
  • Former journalist & still a friend, Arcopol comments on the sad state of the profession he left behind. (via Twitter)
  • The Indian middle class is apparently responsible for a whole lot of things! (via Twitter)
  • An interesting look at India’s online celebrities, by Pinstorm founder, Mahesh Murthy. (via HindustanTimes)
  • A list of countries that an Indian passport-holder could travel to, visa-free. I didn’t realize there were so many of them! (link courtesy Mahesh Murthy)
  • Status update jokes are the new party trick. (via MakeUseOf)
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