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I Wear: The Promise of Flowers

I want to believe that flowers bring me luck, good luck only. I want to enjoy wearing white jeans and not be thought tacky. I want to revel in the bright colours of summer without having to worry about heat stroke. Here’s all my summer desires captured in apparel and on camera.

Those jeans! White with brilliant blue colour splashes of flowers. And my crochetted pendant of course.

Reversing the code of nature, I top it with green (for the stalks of course).

Here’s bidding goodbye to summer and hoping the monsoon will turn all that promise into reality.

I Wear:

  • Pale green tee-shirt: Pantaloons, Rs.399
  • White jeans with blue flower print: Zara, Rs.4000
  • Grey moccasins: Enroute ~Rs.700
  • Crochetted pendant on turquoise chain: Self-made
  • Straw handbag

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I Wear: Summer Shopaholic

So I went shopping with an old girlfriend. Summer is my favorite season after all. A time for friends, for dressing well and for fun. A day out with N is not a new thing but it’s always fun. Except more than a decade later, we’re doing this in a swanky airconditioned mall instead of dusty, crowded Linking Road or Fashion Street.

I’ve noticed my style is changing. Well, that happens, I am a creature of whim. But this is different. My dress sense is starting to mirror what I feel and think, which is that I’m not a girl, freshly out of adolescence any more. I don’t say that in a rueful tone. I am, in every way, a woman and I don’t feel upto dressing otherwise. So no more frilly, fussy peasant tops for me. Cutting back on the tee-shirts too, they feel too much like I got into my baby clothes by mistake. But when I spotted this piece with Native American prints, I knew I had to make an exception.

I know it is simple, even staid. And I am no longer the kind of skinny that horizontal stripes flatter. Yet, I like it. It doesn’t scream for attention, it doesn’t scratch or tug demanding that I’m constantly conscious I’m wearing it. I put it on and forget about it.

And now here’s something I stole from mum – a pretty, pretty shopping bag that I’ve decided doubles up as a super-sized handbag. I don’t know about you but I *HATE* handing over my bag to a bored security guard outside snooty stores. Brief interlude while I crib. Forcing a customer to dump their bags in a dirty cupboard manned by an indifferent guard is for the store’s convenience, not the customers. I’d rather they spend a little more training their personnel and getting better security measures (CCTVs? Baggage tags?) than harassing the customers with this. End of crib-interlude.

Coming back to the bag that I’m able to carry right in – it’s denim blue with rockstar art. It appeals to the tomboy in me, never mind being all grown-up. And I stop the look from being ‘Sandra-from-Bandra’ in its tracks with my icy-blue moccasins to match (SFBs would wear black heels, don’t you think?).

Jewellery and make-up are bad things to wear when you’re going shopping. After all, you may want to try on stuff. Taking off and putting on is a pain and in this summer heat, even the airconditioned comfort of a mall is just barely enough. So my bag is empty except for a Maybelline Fruit Jelly. I’ve decided I’m not going to buy any more junk jewellery so wearing gold (which I will NOT take off at a store) seems a sensible course.

Before I know it, the bag is full! And yet, it doesn’t bulge like a pillow or wear me down at the shoulders. N and I finish up with lunch and gossip. And in the night, I have a fashion show all by myself in front of the mirror. There’ll be plenty of I Wear posts coming up as I take my new summer wardrobe to town! (1, 2, 3)

I Wear:

  • Native American print top: Rs.499, Shoppers Stop
  • Red flared skirt: ~Rs.600, FabIndia
  • Denim handbag/shopping bag: ~Rs.300, Max
  • Icy-blue moccasins: ~800, Enroute

* Cross-posted to Divadom.

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