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Ustadspeak on PriceBaba

Annkur Agarwal (of OnlyGizmos fame) has a new venture. PriceBaba is your one-stop shop for price comparisons. Currently they’re addressing the mobile phone market in Mumbai but there might be bigger plans in the pipeline. So if you’re phone shopping, don’t bother scheduling long hours trekking between shops to check out the best prices. Just ask PriceBaba.

Annkur wanted an interesting mascot who could encapsulate the mood & services of PriceBaba. I came up with Ustad and a few stories that would show what he does. Ustad is a street-savvy guy who’ll pull you out of your dilemma and help you figure out just how much you should be paying. Nishith Mehta took that idea and created the visual & comic panel artwork.

Here is Ustad in his final avatar on the PriceBaba site now:

Ustad speaks to housewives too!


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Tactical Retort

Based on a true story!

Okay, only a part of it…my words, that is. Mercifully the guy (unlike the cartoon dude) is smart enough to get the point and wise enough to guffaw. But for those specimens that are not and who guile you with their malintentions, here’s putting pretentious linguistics to good use! 😉

If this works for you, here’s some more repartee. And there’s more where those Idea-toons came from!

Teaching Him A Lesson

An actual conversation with someone who wishes to stay low-profile but has some very HIGH hopes indeed! 😉

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The Generation Gap

Happy Mother’s Day to my maddening, delightful, one-and-only mom!

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More idea-toons!

Idea-toons start walking

The Idea-toons are one year old today! Wish us, wish us! 🙂

And tell us where we are going next?

geek-r.gifDoes the little Asian girl ever wear other clothes?

kid1-1.gifDoes she have a steady boyfriend? jesus2.gif

Are all those men the same guy in different costumes?

Does she really talk to Jesus Christ?!

Who is the old lady?ivy3.jpg

Which of those women is her best friend?

Does she eat?

abe-l.gifWhat does she do for a living?

Is she lesbian? Feminist? Or just cheeky?tyler_stands2.gif

And most of all…does she ever change her expression from that maddening (I thought it was enigmatic!) smile?






You tell us.


As regards the lust for life, emotion is the biggest aphrodisiac.
On the other hand, even nymphets must stop sometime.

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But do take note of this lesser known fact.

I never promised you a rose garden

In memory of a lot of people who believe that harmony should mean inflexible constancy.

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I never promised you a rose garden…

In memory of a lot of people who believe that harmony should mean inflexible constancy.

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A collage

Change for its own sake, without reflection or memory is nothing but fickleness. No wonder some find life, even with its vagaries, boring. But then again, perhaps some people would rather be bored than involved. It’s too much effort to care and living fully is not a challenge everyone is upto.

This isn’t funny. But sometimes I find people’s drabness entertaining. After all, it takes all types….

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