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Ideart: Mumbai Skyline On A Bottle


Ideart: The Monk Takes A Yellow Submarine

As a bonafide rum lover, I had to have one Old Monk’s bottle in my collection.  I kept it for a long time, wondering how best to use the textured surface of the glass and the distinctive squat shape with its plain oval face (where the label goes). I finally decided to use them all to pay homage to one of my other favorite cultural icons – The Beatles.

Here’s my glass Old Monk version of The Yellow Submarine:


Ideart: Psychedelic Paradise

Who needs a lava lamp when you can create a slice of psychedelic paradise for yourself? This is an old olive jar, painted with a tropical beach scenery and inlit with a blue LED strip. It serves as a perfect (and portable) nightlamp.CYMERA_20130919_004843_wm


Ideart: A Bottle of Tribal Dancers

I love Warli so much, how could I not do this?


Ideart: Bottled Starry Night

I’m only sorry I dared attempt to copy such a masterpiece onto a humble medium such as a glass bottle. That said, I’m not too unhappy with the result. Here’s my rendition of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry night’ on a lean glass bottle that originally contained oregano.


Ideart: Night Sky In A Bottle

This time I tried a shaded effect (which is a lot harder on a curved glass surface than on a flat fabric or paper one!). The design didn’t lend itself to black borders, which I realised later is a major factor in making bottle art stand out. Lesson learnt. Still, I’m rather proud of how this turned out.


Ideart: Geometry Lessons in a Bottle

I’ve been playing around with my paintbrushes on a new medium – old glass bottles. I tried personalized motifs and even a picture-story. My technique is improving (I’ll tell you another time about how painting a slippery, curved surface like glass is way harder than fabric or paper) and I’ve figured out a slightly less clumsy way to light the bottles from within. Here are my latest efforts:


This is a small sized Mapro jam jar, divested of its plastic wrapper, cleaned, dried and painted in a bright star-flower design.

CYMERA_20130919_002149_wmI painted these two to sit on either end of our TV – similar themed but different.  Squares and Hexagons.

Ideart: Music Is The Colour Of Mirth

So I created this, from an old pickle jar, for a friend who wanted a picture of mirth (yellow and orange are those, aren’t they?). The sheet music and the rest of the symbols have special significance for him.

Music & mirth_wm

Note – This is only one bottle. Each image is a different angle.

Ideart: Old Mattress on a Bottle

I took this #ideastory and merged it into another artistic endeavor I’ve recently been experimenting with – bottle painting. One side of the bottle shows a stack of mattresses and bed linen. The other side has the story painted on in silver. Tell me what you think.

Old Mattress

The story, if you can’t read it on the bottle is:

She said, “Your love is an old mattress
It’s moulded comfortably to me.
But it’s too heavy to carry.”

So she took her pillow
and she walked away.

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