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BlogAdda 3: Protecting Your Privacy

My third post is up on BlogAdda. Last week I talked about how to build accessibility for a blog through feeds and link-sharing mechanisms. This week I take a look at the exact opposite.

While the internet opens you up to a broad range of people and experiences, it also leaves you open to a number of undesirable elements. Fortunately, filtering mechanisms are available that can help you tailor your online presence with the level of accessibility and privacy that suits you the best. Privacy is as relevant an issue as accessibility and I felt that after talking about how to make one’s blog visible, it was vital to know how to also protect oneself online.

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BlogAdda 1: Checklist For A Blog

I have a weekly series of posts on blogging and tips for bloggers over at BlogAdda. The first article was published today and looks at the top ten essentials for a blog. In the weeks to come, I’ll look at some of these in greater detail and also cover other areas of interest to a blogger. Do check out the article and drop in your comments.

Also, if you have any suggestions on topics you’d like to see on this column, this is the place to tell me about it.

So you have a blog! You’ve been bitten by the self-publishing bug and you have a place to call your own on the Internet. In my forthcoming posts, I’ll talk in detail about some of the features and tricks that are relevant to any blogger but first let’s run your blog through the checklist. Does your blog have the necessary essentials?

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