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BlogCamp Mumbai Sept 2012 at MPSTME – REDUX!

Update 2: And the event is back! Called BlogCamp Redux, here’s their event page.

I didn’t have a chance to say this earlier but BlogCamp is a movement, not the sole property of a small group. It doesn’t matter who the organizers are, so long as the events happen. Everyone who expressed an interest in being there, make sure you make it to MPSTME tomorrow! It looks like it’ll be a great event!


Update 1: This event has been cancelled due to internal issues. BlogCamps will happen in the future, hopefully under better circumstances. Stay posted!


After a gap of 2 years, BlogCamp Mumbai is back! New and improved like the space, this time it’s not just about blogs. We’re going to be talking about online communities, social tools and all the ways that public conversations happen.

What’s BlogCamp?

For the uninitiated, BlogCamp is an unconference, along the lines of BarCamp. An unconference is an open forum, a space to discuss what’s happening and connect with other day people who’re playing with the social media. Unconferences really are about fun and people. This is a great place for interesting conversations and meeting people. You may see a few friends there and perhaps people you follow or read but have never spoken to.

The day will progress through 15-minute sessions, happening in parallel, in different rooms. These sessions will be timed strictly, to ensure everyone has a say.  Anybody can volunteer to take a session, so long as they have something interesting to say about this space. You can choose to attend any session. You can also interrupt, add to, argue with the speaker and the rest of the audience. And finally, you can walk out anytime you like.

What’s going to happen at BlogCamp (and not)?

Unconferences are traditionally free-flowing, unmoderated events. However, in order to keep the event interesting, we’re going to ask that speakers AVOID the following:

  • Commercial agendas
  • Professional networking talks
  • Sales pitches

But you can speak about anything related to:

  • Blogging
  • Use of other social media services
  • Social networks
  • Online communities
  • Anything else in the social space

Who can attend?

BlogCamp is an open forum and welcomes anybody who’d like to spend a Sunday walking  baround, talking to and listening to random people and ideas about the social space. You don’t have to be a blogger, tweeter or a social media professional. You don’t have to have attended a blogger meet or a tweet-up before. Honest, even if you think pins and pokes are painful things, you’re still welcome. If you read blogs, if you follow Twitter, if Youtube is your guru or if you just like conversations, come down and spend Sunday with a bunch of others who do.

I’m in! How do I participate?

Date: Sunday, 9 September 2012
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Place: Mukesh Patel School of Technology, Management and Engineering,
Along the Mithibai-NM college road, Vileparle West, Mumbai

BlogCamp is a free event. If however, you’d like to take a session, drop us a comment at the Facebook Event. We’ll get in touch to confirm the details. Or just turn up and take a chance at getting a free slot on the whiteboard at the venue.

The BarCamp Mumbai 8 Round-Up

I spent yesterday at Barcamp Mumbai 8. This has been my first unconference in nearly 2 years. My last Barcamp was over 4years ago, overrun by techie discussions and only drew me because it had a teensy segment for bloggers. BlogCamp evolved as an offshoot of that.

Yesterday was a pleasant return. For one, the event that usually struggles on time, breezed through the multiple sessions, speakers and classrooms easily. There were 4 classrooms in the ultra-posh Mukesh Patel ….. The wiki was flowing with colourful post-its even at 10:15 a.m., which is when I got there. And most delightfully, the subjects spanned a diverse range of intellectual tools, hobbies & interests & scientific applications in fun real life ways. One had to be truly ruthless to pick sessions to attend since there were so many good ones, several happening simultaneously.

Off the top of my head, these are the ones I attended:

Interesting titbits from the day:

I entered Rehab’s session late, having misread the wiki schedule. It was interesting and fun, though occasionally highjacked by someone who claimed that genocide made him happy. Quick tip – if you’re demonstrating or talking without a powerpoint, avoid the big conference room. The larger crowd is harder to maintain & engage. Rehab did a great job though and showed off a mind technique that will help anyone from an artist to an executive stuck in a business dilemma.

Harrish is always entertaining and touching in equal parts. His first talk was about the film AMEN being denied a certificate by the censor board and he did a superb job of bringing out the inconsistencies in their policies. His second talk though, was the one that really had people talking. He was speaking of how gay people are treated in India, when partway through, he was interrupted by a very fervent member of the audience who insisted that,

“According to Hinduism, you can only have sex with your wife, inside a closed room. Only after marriage and only for procreation, not for fun.”

The uproar that followed had to be taken out into the corridor to make way for the next speaker. The episode illustrated one of the reasons that unconferences are a great way to seed ideas, bring out thoughts and get people talking, sometimes about controversial and difficult topics.

My session on ‘Social Content’ happened on the fly. It’s been years since I spoke completely extempore, as I did yesterday and it was a great experience. I was actually hoping to create interest for my upcoming series of blogging workshops, beginning with ‘Unboggle The Blog‘. But instead, I found myself naturally touching on several related but disjointed thoughts about this space. My 20 minute, stream-of-consciousness ramble imitated the way we consume and add to social content, on our Facebook Walls, our Twitter timelines and all out other channels of social media. I touched on the artificiality of traditional media, social media as an extension of normal, human behaviour, how trolls are mirror daily social miscreants experimenting in their own ways and that we’re all creators & consumers of social content. Here’s the talk:

I missed the #TWSS talk by Aditya Sengupta since the room was so packed that even the door couldn’t be opened. From what I hear, it was a tongue-in-geek demonstration of an algorithm used to generate and viral #TWSS (That’s what she said). But the geek in me found a corner in Anubha Bhat’s talk on diagnosing bipolar disorders using algorithms.

I’m not going to dwell on how great it was to catch up with old friends again, since that’s a given in any gathering. Yesterday was more than just friends catching up and people networking. It really was a meeting of minds, a true sharing of ideas. A big thank you to the Barcamp team for pulling off such a great day!

BarCamp Mumbai On 19 Feb @ MPSTE, VileParle West

All of 2011 went by without my being able to be part of a single unconference. Which is why I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Sunday, 19th February 2012, will see the first BarCamp Mumbai of 2012.

Image via Wikipedia

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of unconferences, these are completely democratic gatherings of minds, coming together to share and discuss their ideas on various things. BarCamp in its early days, was an open forum on technology, especially the IT & networking end of it. BlogCamp emerged as a specialized community from within the BarCamp framework. This space has seen much discussion and evolution through the course of various BlogCamps.

I’m going to be attending a BarCamp after nearly 4 years. The agenda has evolved considerably, to keep up with what’s hot and new in thinking minds. A quick look at the sessions list promises that the day will touch on restaurant reviewing, origami, online communities, yoga, urban commuting and graphology among other things. These will continue to be added on, as more participants sign up.

Here are the things you can do at BarCamp:

  • Listen to speakers talk about their pet subjects
  • Interrupt with questions, opposition or related thoughts
  • Juggle between sessions, rooms & speakers, walking in and out whenever you like
  • Hear your favorite temperamental blogger speak
  • Talk about something that you like
  • Connect with other people with similar interests, tastes or opinions
  • Have a lot of fun!

And just in case you missed the bold, underlined hint above, I’m going to be addressing a session on something close to my heart these days – Social Content. 🙂

Here are the details:

BarCamp Mumbai February 2012

Date: Sunday, 19 February 2012
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Place: Mukesh Patel School of Technology, Management and Engineering,
Along the Mithibai-NM college road, Vileparle West, Mumbai
Facebook: Confirm your attendance and invite others.
Wiki: Register your session and check out the agenda so far.

College Festival meets Bloggerati!: Announcing Mood Indigo – BlogCamp Mumbai 2010

December opens full of the promise of parties, outings, fun and festivities! For this one month, educational institutions are about fun. Employers are about vacations and parties. And the blogosphere is buzzing as always!

How better to host the last blogging event of the year than in the most colourful festival in the most prestigious tech institute in the country? Here’s presenting a joint intiative by Mood I (IIT Bombay) and BlogCamp Mumbai!

The other popular conventions and meets in the city maybe about technology, business and money but we never forget that BlogCamp remains, first and foremost about the people. We really want to know who you are, why you love blogging (or hate it..is that possible? Come tell us why!) and what you write about.


The unrules (yes, that is a word, we just uncoined it!) of an unconference state that anyone can speak about anything related to blogging. Yes, isn’t that wonderful?! But please, please don’t forget to read the last four words in that sentence (the underlined ones). We’re sure you have something really interesting to say and we hope you’re passionate about it. But since time is limited and so is the audience’ patience, we humbly, sincerely, sternly request that you only pick topics that are about blogging.

Note – if you’d like to speak about technology, no, that’s not really blogging. But BarCamp may be just the right forum for you. If you’re a business person and networking is your thing, sorry you’re not likely to find your ilk here but we suggest you check out Startup Saturdays. If there’s anything else that really drives you, we but is not concerned 100% with blogging, honestly, we respect that so please respect us by not intruding into this forum. We love free expression but we also respect the attention of the people who’re attending. So we reserve the right to regulate and refuse (if necessary) topics, if we find them unsuitable for the BlogCamp agenda.


That note aside (whew, that was uncomfortable!), we’d really love to discuss everyone’s experiences with blogging. Yes, didn’t we mention? You’re allowed to interrupt…no, wait, correct that, you are ENCOURAGED to interrupt. This is an ‘everybody’s unconference’ which means you can disagree with, add to or correct a speaker’s opinion. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Also, please do tweet about the event. Ask questions, raise issue, talk about what you’d like to see and share memories of earlier BlogCamps on Twitter. The hashtag to use is #blcm and that’s where you’ll find other people who you’ll catch at the event. The Mood I team is figuring out the logistics and we are trying (as yet unconfirmed) to ensure WiFi access at the venue.

Now here’s how you get to do all of it:

10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Sunday, 19th December 2010

IIT Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai

How to get there:
By train:
Western line: Andheri east
Central line: Kanjurmarg west

By road:
Central side: Eastern Express Highway-Vikroli-Powai
Western side: Western Express Highway-Andheri Kurla Road-SakiNaka-Powai


Register at the Mood I page to participate in BlogCamp 2010. If you’d like to take a session, please add a note in the space provided.

We’ll see you at the BlogCamp!


The BlogCamp unorganizers are:

Annkur Agarwal
Moksh Juneja
Netra Parikh

Ramya Pandyan a.k.a. Ideasmith (yes, that’s me!!)

The Mood I team that makes this possible is:

Aditi Jain
Rohit Shroff


Update 1: The venue is IRCC, inside IIT Powai. Ask the watchman for directions to IRCC.

Update 2: WiFi is available. Your laptops are welcome only if you promise to tweet about the event (#blcm)…okay, I’m just kidding. 😀

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