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Did anyone get stuck in a gargantuan traffic jam in Vile Parle/ Andheri/ Jogeshwari/ Malad earlier this week? Yes, yes, I know that’s roz ka jhamela in aamchi Mumbai. But this was like the baap of all traffic snarls. Your vella bloggy-reporter takes you straight to the scene of the crime…errr, traffic jam.

In that dirty, dingy gulli called Andheri subway, an autowalla seemed to have been trying some stunts. Okay, not auto but what do you call those auto-looking things that carry goods instead of passengers? Going by the way the autowallas drive, I don’t think they know the difference but anyway…

This vehicle was stuck in the most extraordinary position of all – nose up in the air and forehead (!) caught in the roof of the subway. A couple of workers were perched up there hammering away in a bid to get it unstuck. Wheels up in the air, my first thought was,

Was that an auto-wheelie gone wrong??


Perhaps he skid. After all Andheri subway is a messy puddle even in the height of summer and we’ve been facing lagataar baarish for a week now. It wasn’t till evening when someone suggested the most probable reason. The back was probably overloaded and it just unbalanced, right under the subway. Kya timing, boss.

As far as I can see, there were no casualties. Except for oh, about two hours of everyone’s time in the peripheral areas. Yeh Mumbai ka traffic, na


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