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Ideamarked Sep2011: Cocktails, Dabbawallas & Wisdom

August was a busy month so I didn’t manage much link-love. But September started off on a good note and I’m hoping it’ll only get better.

My Style section is picking up. For a few reader/friends who asked, I Style! features whacky, fun clothing & accessories; Ideart showcases my fabric painting and I Wear tracks everyday style. This month, I add to the repertoire by featuring other people whose sense of style caught my eye. But don’t worry, I’m not turning into a fashionasta. Dressing & looking good are an important part of our daily lives. But The Idea-smithy will still have fiction, pop culture, reviews, general quips & wisdom (?). And here’s September’s features:

  • There’s enough being said about the best hairstyle for your face type but what about the
    Bellini Cocktail

    Image via Wikipedia

    one accessory that’s closest to your face? ‘Your Face Shape & Earrings‘ (via

  • What’s a status update if not a way to rant? (via Facebook)
  • The art/book/style lover in you will LOVE this store that produces clothing with book art. (via OutOfPrintClothing, link courtesy HippyHollySimpleSally)
  • A handful of cocktail recipes from everyone’s favorite intelligent party-girl! ‘Cocktail recipes for people who really just like anything with a salt rim‘ (via TheCompulsiveConfessor)
    Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

    Image via Wikipedia

  • A book about language & whether it can be grown ‘artificially’. ‘In the land of invented languages‘ (link courtesy Time)
  • The dabbawalla has gone online! Find a tiffin service by cuisine, meal & location at IndiaTiffins.
  • Dabba Tiffins III

    Image by Meanest Indian via Flickr

    One from my Bookmarks from the 90s, this site has provided daily wisdom in my mailbox for over a decade. Ranging from the writings of Osho to Zen pearls to quotes by famous people, Deeshan is now available on Twitter & Facebook too.

  • A former colleague turns film director. His first film, Kshay is being screened at the Chicago International Film Festival. Congratulations, Shaan!
  • Shakti gives us India’s answer to the LBD! (via Twitter).
  • After I asked what Facebook’s look was doing for its users, this came up as an answer: ‘Does Facebook Really Care About You?’ (via CNN)
  • A hilarious email chain that’s been modified and edited from the original article, for sometime now: ‘London Times Obituary Of The Late Mr.Common Sense‘ (via MyBroadBand)
Little Black Dress

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Ideamarked July2011: Social Networks, Twitter Talk & Internet Memes

Birthday month! Among my many gifts were a trip to The City of Joy, the last metro I’ve been to. I also had an article published in Marie Claire India this month and a post on FriendsOfBooks. That apart, I’ve been cooking, dressing up and having fun! Nothing much else to say I guess; happiness is simple!

  • Bizarre but funny, this Twitter baby will probably be the next internet meme. (via Twitter)
  • A striking review of Google Plus & Facebook (via StrikingArrow, link courtesy Pushpa). Also see my first thoughts on Google Plus.
  • My second post on books – let’s go ride a dragon, let’s find a vampire to bite, a broomstick to fly, a tree to talk to…let’s go hunt some troll!: ‘Fantasy For Beginners: 10 Books To Get You Started’ (via FriendsOfBooks)
  • Use the power of social media to give your career that edge! My article in this month’s issue of Marie Claire India ‘The Careerist: The Online Advantage
  • A funny metaphor on food (via Twitter)
  • A chilling story on how dreams are lost, by Sidin Vadukut (via Livemint, link courtesy Gautam Ghosh)
  • The world’s first matrimonial social network! What an idea! Login to Youpid
  • Former journalist & still a friend, Arcopol comments on the sad state of the profession he left behind. (via Twitter)
  • The Indian middle class is apparently responsible for a whole lot of things! (via Twitter)
  • An interesting look at India’s online celebrities, by Pinstorm founder, Mahesh Murthy. (via HindustanTimes)
  • A list of countries that an Indian passport-holder could travel to, visa-free. I didn’t realize there were so many of them! (link courtesy Mahesh Murthy)
  • Status update jokes are the new party trick. (via MakeUseOf)

Ideamarked Jun2011: Conspiracy Theories, eGadgets & Hakoba

Mid-month, I had coffee with two digital agency people to discuss the Indian blogosphere and the nature of content. On one hand, I’m delighted that the world is waking up to the thought that blogs are not just lunchtime amusement for the bored employee or the lovestruck teenager. With attention, I’m hoping will come the respect that any creator of original content deserves. On the other hand, it’s something that did come out of my own bored/frustrated moments, a diarying habit on multivitamins. It’s still curious to know that something that grew out of a personal quirk is now worthy of a distinctive opinion and even space.

But blogs, being reflections of people and their sentiments, must keep evolving as do their owners. While over at XX Factor, I’m moving to a more balanced perspective on relationships, men and such things, here at The Idea-smithy, I’ve gone back to my roots. Aside from my commissioned posts, the announcements of posts and press, I’ve also been posting snippets, stray thoughts and sundry commentary. I don’t know if you, my readers will like it or not but for now, this is me. Have a lovely monsoon!

  • How To Deal With Bullying & Harassment In The Workplace‘: Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any support systems legal or union. But it still helps to know that this happens and that it is wrong. (via Hubpages)
  • One for the foodies, if you’re wondering how to add that authentic East-Indian flavour to your vindaloo. (via East Indian Masalas, link courtesy Phyrodite)
  • If you’ve been a victim of unacknowledged praise (imitation, copycats, yada yada yada), Tynt might have a solution for you. The article reviews the product and offers some handy suggestions. (via Makeuseof, link courtesy Kirti Kapoor)
  • A Technophobe Unravels The Android Tapestry“:’Marvin’, my Android, showed up on Yahoo! Recommendations with an app-review!
  • 10 Classic Indianisms: Doing the needful and more“: As Indians we take zero pride in our identity. When we comprise 1/6th of the world’s population and godaloneknows how much of the English-speaking group, why is our usage ‘wrong’? (via CNNGO)
  • A person’s attitude to reading depends on the books they’ve experienced, especially early in life. Meet some of my childhood friends in “10 Great Vacation Reads For Children” (via FriendsofBooks)
  • E Vestigio came back to life with a poetic bit of writing, in silence.
  • Cracked was my favorite guilt-reading for this month: “10 mind-blowing Easter eggs hidden in music albums” (those mind-screwing musicians, them!), “7 Easter eggs in words of art(and you thought the Masters were all high-brow!) and “If Historical Figures Endorsed Modern Products” (heh, lookit Dali!) (link courtesy Dischordian)
  • A pretty white hakoba dress and a whole lot of imaginative photographs are up on Purple Peeptoes.
  • Navin Kabra has an existential question for the socially networked world, regarding a witness for one’s actions (via Facebook).
  • The 30 harshest author-on-author insults in history” (via Flavorwire, link courtesy Meenakshi Reddy).
  • “Yeh ladki hain ya ladka hain?” could well refer to the actor singing the song. Oh wait, who did she grow up into? (via Youtube)
  • Move over Sheila Kejwani and Munni Badam, errr…whozzat is here?! What is with Salman Khan casting lookalikes of his ex-es in his films? Catchy song though, this Character Dheela (via Youtube)


Sapna Bhavnani on inspiration and people:

Blending is something you do with shakes, alcohol and juices, not human beings.

You are eternally an inspiration, lady!

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