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Packrat Affections 

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Too HeartSick To Miss You In Storm Weather

This is part of my Seasonal Nostalgia series.

Nose, stop running
Heart, stop leaping
This is a human body,
Not a P.T. class.

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Poetry Is Better Written Than Lived

A rose stained in blood
A note splashed in wine
Painful and beautiful
These torn loves of mine

My passion is messy
So my poetry is bold
But in the end, a tattered self
Is all that I hold

Midas Memory

I have thrown away your memories
I have erased your name
From my poetry, my notebooks,
My life is now almost the same

Now my hands reach for strangers
Shake firm, my touch free of residue
Just the merest hint of a tremor
That no one would know was you


In my wallet, between my fading driver’s license and my gym receipt, I keep an old, folded train ticket.

Under the gold Starbucks card bearing my  name, is a scrap of smooth white paper from whose face, time has wiped away ink (but not the mental image of the hand that gave it to me).

And in the side pocket, along with the loose change is a zipper tab, long detached from its owner.

I am so rich.

I Also Miss You In The Winter 

This is part of my Seasonal Nostalgia series.

I Also Miss You In The Winter

Like a long forgotten, but much loved sweater, the memory of him tumbled into sight, when she was taking one of her solitary walks. She paused outside his door and stood for a long time, before walking away.

When she got home, hours later, there were footprints outside her door, matching his shoes.

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I Miss You When It Rains 

This is part of my Seasonal Nostalgia series.

I Miss You When It Rains

In summer, you can have my umbrella.

In the rain, make it so I never have to see grey or the tears the sky sheds when you’re not around.

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Write to me

Write to me
The romance of letters, the smell of paper, the text feel of handwritten punctures
And yet these are all for naught
If they lack true, loving thought

Share a piece of your soul
Garb regardless, it will feel whole
For when love signs its name
Bytes or ink, all seem the same.

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The What-if Shop

There is a little known corner in that place in your mind where Nostalgia resides. In it, a ramshackle hut bears the name, ‘What-if Shop’. If you brave the journey to find that place, you find it stocked in incomplete wishes, unfulfilled desires and half-remembered dreams.

The What-if Shop stands true, even as life places hurdles in your way. He who wears out a clear path to this place, lives forever in a life lit by an unknown lamp. The shop places no prices on its wares. The What-if Shop is hard to find but it rewards its patrons well.


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