Canvas Kavita: A Collaboration Of Spoken Word, Poetry & Music

Spoken Word, Poetry, Music & Art with Karthik Rao and Soghra Khursani

This weekend I had a chance to do something new with the spoken word craft that I’ve been experimenting with, all last year.


Artist Soghra Khurasani’s collection ‘Cratered Fiction’ of woodcuts and paintings is on display at the TARQ art gallery. 10 poets were asked by The Poetry Club to come up with pieces that matched the themes expressed in her collection.

Soghra’s works are full of burning rivers, smouldering craters and scratches on vivid red splashes. What called to me was the idea that women’s bodies retain flesh memories of experiences as intimate as sex and love. Maybe that explains our conflicts, our deep resentment, our anguish that sometimes confuses the men close to us.

2016-01-09 18.17.44

My musician friend Karthik Rao and I collaborated again, this time with even more nuance and rhythm, making this is truly cross-medium expression, with music, spoken word, poetry and visual art.

I wrote a piece I call ‘Paper Cutouts & Craters’ specifically for this event. The second one, ‘Baby Invisible’, is one of my old pieces slightly modified a year later.

My previous collaborations:

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One thought on “Canvas Kavita: A Collaboration Of Spoken Word, Poetry & Music

  1. […] started with Paper Dolls that we first did at TARQ back in January. It’s such an intense, artsy piece I didn’t think we’d ever have a chance to do […]


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