I Wear: Pencil, Pen, Paintbrush

I’ve rediscovered colour in my personal style. I’ve always loved bright colours and my wardrobe of reds, electrics, neons and the like reflects that. But perhaps cowed by my environment that tells me that my skin is an ugly colour and should be hidden if at all, instead of highlighted (“It makes you look so dark!”), I’ve been colour-free. Here’s throwing all that away!

I began with these nail shades that reminded me of a time in my adolescence when I had enough pain to need colour and enough rebellion to indulge it. They remind me of pencil (toes) and fountain pen (fingers).

And now look at how much fun I’ve been having around the eyes! I went blue, I went green, I went gel pencil, I went liquid liner, I went shimmer, I went wingtips, I went all the way! And when I was done, I had peacock eyes.

I Wear:

  • Nailpolish hands: Maybelline Colorama 006 Ladies Night
  • Nailpolish toes: Maybelline Colorama 701 Spark of Steel
  • Eye pencil: Faces Canada dark blue, dark green
  • Eye liner: Lakme Absolute Shine Olive

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