I Wear: Warm & Cool

Winter’s here (for what it’s worth in Mumbai). And we enjoy the brief stint where we get to wear high necklines, layered garments and boots. The tricky thing about dressing for a December day in Mumbai is that you’ve to be prepared for stinging heat as well as infection-ridden chill. Here’s what I picked for a day of meetings, commuting and an evening out.


I Wear:

  • Maroon & grey tartan print turtle-neck top (cap sleeved): Shoppers Stop
  • Skinny blue jeans: Levis Diva
  • Black corduroy jacket
  • Snakeskin booties: Clark’s (new acquisition!)
  • Onyx pendant on a silver chain: Magick (also new)
  • Silver hoop earrings & a single silver bangle

It turned out to be a warmish day so I was thankful for being able to shrug off the jacket. The booties didn’t hurt even when I walked up seven stories (broken lift *sigh*) so yayyy for a shoe brand that designs for comfort as well as style! And the evening threatened to hit my throat with the cold that everyone passes around in this season, so the jacket came right back on again.

I guess I like that winters are never really that cold in Mumbai but just cool enough to be able to wear some great clothes! 😉

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