Online drama because there’s so little of it offline, right?

There is such a thing as too much information & it’s called the internet.

Times were when a name was all one had and that information was hard-gotten. That one little scrap of someone’s life could keep you sailing for awhile. My friend remarked today that no one had asked for a phone number. I shrugged, all blase-like and said,

Nobody needs to, anymore. All you need is a name and then you get Facebooked and even LinkedInned. I don’t think I’ve had to give out my phone number for years now but my requests page is full.

But Google stalking an interesting stranger threw up unfortunate connections. It was a horrible evening, all things considered. The afternoon was so much better, spent in sweet, oblivious anticipation.

Oh, the irony of it! It’s not how to get to know somebody but that you already do and it’s not good. Internet, I hate you. Sweet oblivion, indeed, while another dream bites the monsoon dust.

The question is, now that I know, for the future, would I rather not? *Sigh* I ask the internet all my questions. It’s my frenemy now.

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