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I Wear: The Inkblot Test

So here’s the first look from my shopping spree last month. Mid-week, welcoming in my favorite season of the year and stepping out for a casual evening. It’s really simple and easy.

First, we start with the star of the outfit, the top I picked up on my spree. I fell in love with the inkblot print and chose this short, loose square-cut top from the plethora of options (kurta, dress, singlet). It’s a light cotton that was standing stiff on its first outing but will probably lose its starch over washes and be drapey instead (that sounds better than ‘fall limply’, doesn’t it? 🙂 ). It’s not sleek or sexy but it looked (and is!) so comfortable, I just had to own it!

These were paired with the new classic blue jeans I picked up early in the month (having decided to quit being in denial about my old jeans that have been 2 sizes too small for me all winter). It’s such a pleasure to be able to breathe. And never mind the itty-bitty-pretty and unreliable sandals, I was continuing my ‘comfort-0ver-chic’ attitude. These zebra-printed babies (seen before here) are kitcshy but so comfortable!

And that…pretty much…was it! Plenty of talcum powder, a dab of nude lipgloss, I ditched my handbag for a few notes stuffed into my mobilephone cover. And I was ready for a cool summer evening out in town!

  • Black & white inkblot cotton top: Rs.699, Cotton World
  • Blue jeans: Rs.1500, Pepe jeans
  • Black & white zebra print sneakers: Rs.399, Lifestyle

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Interview with parody blogger, Fake Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Those of you who’ve been around with me and my blogs for awhile will understand my allegiance to, even fascination with anonymous bloggers, having been one myself. One of my delightful online associations is the irrepressible Fake Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. I, like all his other readers don’t know his real identity. And yet, we’ve had some funny conversations, over the social media.

I was really curious to know what it was like for an anonymous blogger in these times of IP address tracking and celebrity bloggers. FRJ has managed to build a sizable readership and even landed a few prestigious writing assignments, while never compromising his identity.

“Impersonation and parody are different things. I do not claim to be the real Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. My blog makes it clear and my Twitter account carries a disclaimer too. My intention is to parody Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, to entertain people, not cheat them out of their money!”

Catch my conversation with him on Social Samosa here.

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