Vodafone’s Customer Care On Twitter

A funny thing happened to me after I got back from my Goa trip last week. Vodafone attempted to resolve a complaint that I had tweeted about while there, about poor data services. It was an interesting thing for a service provider to try but their actual delivery fell rather short of expectations, causing an opposite effect. I’ve chronicled this episode on Social Samosa and also detailed the process chain and where the gap lay. Here’s an excerpt:

Vodafone has a definite need to upgrade their complaint handling mechanisms to keep up with new services and evolving usage. Tacking on a Twitter account to their existing call center caused the goof-ups in my case. Vodafone’s call operators definitely need to understand the nuances of data services if they are to handle queries & complaints on them. It’s a serious faux pas if the face (or the voice) of a brand of The Blackberry Boys doesn’t know how the internet works.

Read the full article on Social Samosa: Vodafone’s Customer Care on Twitter.

* Image via David Castillo Dominici on FreeDigitalPhotos

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2 thoughts on “Vodafone’s Customer Care On Twitter

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  2. […] Vodafone’s Customer Care On Twitter […]


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