Public Shaming As A Social Media Tactic

What do Siddharth Mallya and Arindam Chaudhuri have in common? If Ayesha Takia met Rashmi Bansal, what might they talk about? Let’s add Dhaval Valia to the melee. Any clues?

This month, I take a look at the grittier, seamier side of social conversations – public shaming as a social media tactic. Here’s an excerpt:

While on one hand, the powers-that-be worry about how to manage this public spewing of individual opinion, the system holds its structural integrity on one premise – the fear of public shaming. All the major parties in the above case used public shaming as tactics. The question was simply who the public at large, decided to side with.

Individuals are starting to feel the power of the media. Public shaming has proven mighty effective when it comes to breakdowns with brands and companies. Tweeting about poor service and other complaints, gets much faster response than call center chasing & other complaint registrations. A corporate entity that fails to respond or responds carelessly, can expect the issue to flare up into something much bigger and harder to control.

The article is titled ‘Public Shaming As A Social Media Tactic‘ and is posted at Social Samosa.

Image via Stuart Miles on FreeDigitalPhotos

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