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Full Moon

And here’s a poem from the archives, titled ‘Moonlight Walk

Meet me on the other side of the moon
And walk in shadows with me
It won’t be all dark
You put a gleam in my eyes
That will lead the way for a stroll into madness

I’ll take you right up to the edge, walking blind
But just on the brink,
I promise to tell you
And let you decide
Whether to take a step farther or not

And if the decision to walk be yours,
I’ll fall through the night with you
Into an everlasting sea of silver light
Till one day, the man in the moon watching another couple take a stroll together
Smiles…and one of them hears it…and smiles back
At him. At you.

But know also that,
If then, you deter
You will find yourself alone in the lightless shadows
To make your way back alone
I won’t return to show you the way
And – what’s more – you’ll never see the gleam in my eyes again ever

I’ll have forever one way or the other.

The Bombay Store Launches ‘India Haat’

I was at The Bombay Store on the 1st of February, for their India Haat event, showcasing their Rajasthan special line. There was so much colour around (in keeping with the state represented), that all I did for the next hour was shoot pictures. Let my photographs speak for themselves:

I started with the clothing section:

Fabrics for those who prefer the richness of design & texture, that is Rajasthan:

Home furnishings weren’t far behind:

Fun, quirky kitchenware:

Trinkets are pretty much all I can afford at The Bombay Store, at the moment and here’s what caught my eye:

There was a definite elephant theme going on, curiously coinciding with my own elephant-themed look for the day! Here are all the adorable pachyderms, I spotted (including a photo-negative version of my skirt!):

And finally, the band-baaja:

You can see the individual pictures on the Facebook album of The Idea-smithy.

As the invitation says, the India Haat will be on till the 14th February, 2012.

Missing Person Notice Turns Out To Be Kahaani Movie Promo

Here’s a poster I spotted on the walls of Tulsi Pipe Road, at Lower Parel. Think it’s a notice for a missing person? Look closely:

The text on the poster says:

Age: 31years, Complexion: Wheatish, Height: 5’11”.
Please share any information with Vidya Bagchi at

This strikes me as a really cheap marketing ploy to grab your attention. Using something as vital as a missing person notice for an advertisement, makes it so other genuine missing notices will be mistaken for promotions and ignored.

Remember a movie called Criminal, featuring Manisha Koirala, Nagarjuna and Ramya Krishanan? A leading daily carried a piece right in the center of their news spreads, reporting that one of the actresses had been found murdered. It turned out to be a promotion for the movie. That was in extremely poor taste and I think, so is this advertisement. What’s a movie that associates with the likes of Sujoy Ghosh and Vidya Balan, doing with an ad like this?

I wouldn’t expect a marketer to think beyond his/her product and be willing to go to any extent to generate buzz. But what about the channels that carry these messages? Does it occur to them that these commercial messages masquerading as actual news/information, comprises their validity?

Posters not being under the control of any one entity, are difficult to monitor. But in this case, they may be violating other laws by putting up the posters in the first place. Incidentally, this isn’t the first time Bollywood posters have been problematic. The Kahaani poster is a stone’s throw away from the Wall Project offenders.

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