Daily Archives: November 8, 2011

Why I Hate Fireworks


There are many reasons to ban firecrackers altogether – noise pollution, littered streets, potential fires, child labour. But as far as I’m concerned, one reason trumps them all.

Firecrackers abound at that crucial change of season that signals ill-health for most of us in this city. Stir in the noxious gunpowder fumes and the dust kicked up thousands of feet. Welcome, throat infections.

*Sigh* My every second word is KOFFKOFF. Without my voice, I feel like Samson minus his locks. Can’t wait for the fireworks to die out.

WordPress Takes A Leaf Out Of Facebook

I just noticed that WordPress is following Facebook’s stead.

Look at this toolbar. My attention was captured by a bright red 2 (now showing as a grey 0). Clicking on it resulted in a dropdown list of notifications. The images next to it is my gravatar or what WordPress reads as my display picture. A click there leads to a menu with basic options like sign out, profile edits, Help and navigation to my other blogs. Very Facebook/Google

After ‘Likes’, Facebook sets another standard in the socially-networked universe.

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