Marvin’s World: Format Your SD Card


It has been awhile since the last Marvin’s World review where I showcased an urban survival kit of 3 Android apps. Mostly I’ve been caught up in other topics but also, Marvin refused to co-operate. New apps would not load, older ones would not update. After going through the process of selection and download, I’d get a message saying that the app could not be saved on the SD card.

I was advised to format the SD card, which is where I got stuck. The command refused to work. But today I managed to figure it out. I’m putting down what I did here. It might help any other techno-geeks like me who can’t figure out what the *whole* world seems to know. Or it might just be my personal manual the next time Marvin decides to act up.

  1. Back up all the information on your SD card (mine was music & images)
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select SD card and Phone storage
  4. Press Unmount SD card
  5. Remove SD card from the side & wipe to remove any dust
  6. Put in the card again. The screen should show ‘Preparing SD card’ messages
  7. Now Format SD card (in the same window as step 4) should be highlighted. Select it.
  8. You’ll get a warning message telling you that all data will be lost. Ensuring all your data is backed up, go through with it.

And that’s it! My apps are back and loaded. And of course, so is Marvin’s World. I’ve a few themed-posts cooking up so stay connected!

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2 thoughts on “Marvin’s World: Format Your SD Card

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