Ideamarked Sep2011: Cocktails, Dabbawallas & Wisdom

August was a busy month so I didn’t manage much link-love. But September started off on a good note and I’m hoping it’ll only get better.

My Style section is picking up. For a few reader/friends who asked, I Style! features whacky, fun clothing & accessories; Ideart showcases my fabric painting and I Wear tracks everyday style. This month, I add to the repertoire by featuring other people whose sense of style caught my eye. But don’t worry, I’m not turning into a fashionasta. Dressing & looking good are an important part of our daily lives. But The Idea-smithy will still have fiction, pop culture, reviews, general quips & wisdom (?). And here’s September’s features:

  • There’s enough being said about the best hairstyle for your face type but what about the
    Bellini Cocktail

    Image via Wikipedia

    one accessory that’s closest to your face? ‘Your Face Shape & Earrings‘ (via

  • What’s a status update if not a way to rant? (via Facebook)
  • The art/book/style lover in you will LOVE this store that produces clothing with book art. (via OutOfPrintClothing, link courtesy HippyHollySimpleSally)
  • A handful of cocktail recipes from everyone’s favorite intelligent party-girl! ‘Cocktail recipes for people who really just like anything with a salt rim‘ (via TheCompulsiveConfessor)
    Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

    Image via Wikipedia

  • A book about language & whether it can be grown ‘artificially’. ‘In the land of invented languages‘ (link courtesy Time)
  • The dabbawalla has gone online! Find a tiffin service by cuisine, meal & location at IndiaTiffins.
  • Dabba Tiffins III

    Image by Meanest Indian via Flickr

    One from my Bookmarks from the 90s, this site has provided daily wisdom in my mailbox for over a decade. Ranging from the writings of Osho to Zen pearls to quotes by famous people, Deeshan is now available on Twitter & Facebook too.

  • A former colleague turns film director. His first film, Kshay is being screened at the Chicago International Film Festival. Congratulations, Shaan!
  • Shakti gives us India’s answer to the LBD! (via Twitter).
  • After I asked what Facebook’s look was doing for its users, this came up as an answer: ‘Does Facebook Really Care About You?’ (via CNN)
  • A hilarious email chain that’s been modified and edited from the original article, for sometime now: ‘London Times Obituary Of The Late Mr.Common Sense‘ (via MyBroadBand)
Little Black Dress

Image via Wikipedia

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4 thoughts on “Ideamarked Sep2011: Cocktails, Dabbawallas & Wisdom

  1. Rambler September 26, 2011 at 12:23 Reply

    Thanks for the link to out of print clothing


    • IdeaSmith September 26, 2011 at 12:34 Reply

      @Rambler: Delightful idea, isn’t it?


      • Rambler September 26, 2011 at 13:45

        yep..I wish they had more of Ayn Rand


  2. […] Ideamarked Sep2011: Cocktails, Dabbawallas & Wisdom ( […]


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