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I Wear: Animal Mood

It’s not news that I’m a regular jewellery-junkie.What might be more interesting to note is that I’m a junk jewellery junkie. I mean, real junk, the kitschier, the crazier, the kookier the better. Clothing follows so many rules – of etiquette, of social mores, of affordability and of fashion. But jewellery is dictated by none of those! These are some pieces that bring out the real animal in me:

First of all, in honour of the season of puddles, rains and splashing, I present my happy amphibians:

Add a pair of baby duckies to lighten up the greys and browns of a Mumbai monsoon.

And finally, if I’m feeling like a bit of dark humour, I’ll wear these (Slytherin with a sense of humour) to the last Harry Potter movie.

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