Ideamarked May2011: Scams, Hacks & Schoolboy Raunch

So here we are, nearly at the end of arguably the hottest month of the year (remember October?). But May is a month of vacations so here is what was amusing me this month. Incidentally, I also have a new section titled ‘Marvin’s World’ on my shopping adventures in the Android Market – check out my posts on games like Angry Birds, Aporkalypse, Tetramania, Bonsai Blast & Tapestry.

  • I hate to begin with raunch but what is one supposed to think after this? RACK!! (via HighHeelConfidential)
  • A Tiny Tale about winning & college romances. (on Social Mantra)
  • A style blogger asks whether modern media is undergoing a revolution? (via RepublicOfChic)
  •‘s mysterious downtime and Sony PlayStation’s hacker attack has us wondering if online business is quite what it’s cut out to be. (via The Economist).
  • Kristopher takes a dig at pop culture’s latest contribution to urban parlance – Angry Birds. (via Twitter)
  • You don’t swear? Can you swear on it? Roycin D’souza and a friend demonstrate a cheeky trick (via Twitter)
  • As prices rise, multiplex service standards crash. An aggrieved customer writes them a letter of goodbye. (via Mudra Mehta)
  • The Facebook ‘Dislike’ button: Another scam! (via Zdnet)
  • Go Green‘: Environmentalism with a spiritual side. Magick offers free, energized saplings ready for plantation.
  • A goosebumps-inducing speech: “Stay hungry, stay foolish“- Steve Jobs’ address to Stanford graduates. (via YouTube)
  • Economics, sociology & politics in 140. (via Twitter)

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3 thoughts on “Ideamarked May2011: Scams, Hacks & Schoolboy Raunch

  1. krutika May 31, 2011 at 17:42 Reply

    nice stuff.. especially love the last link, Steve Jobs never fails to inspire, long live! 🙂


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