Ideamarked Mar2011: Food, Music & Comfort Reading

March seems to have passed even faster than February. I went to Lavasa to cover the Women’s Rally and met a great bunch of women bloggers. Mumbai’s rare winter turned into the hottest summer I’ve seen in this city. I started a style blog (and style section on this blog), got trolled, survived and came back. Say hello to Divadom! I was almost tempted back into the corporate world but survived temptation island with my words intact. Much has happened on the personal front too, upheavals and life-changing experiences which show up, camouflaged as posts. But here’s what gave me respite online this month:

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2 thoughts on “Ideamarked Mar2011: Food, Music & Comfort Reading

  1. Anu Shankar March 31, 2011 at 13:27 Reply

    Did Food ka mood work out for you?.. havent tried it out myself yet, though 🙂


    • IdeaSmith April 1, 2011 at 15:31 Reply

      @Anu: I haven’t used it myself. But just the contact information provided is tremendously useful. I’ve passed it on to some people who might actually be able to use it – bachelors and such staying away from home.


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