Trust, Actually

If I’m a fool to trust you, what does that say about you?


Nobody’s born suspicious. We trust because we think other people are the way we are. Then someone hurts us and we think everyone else is that way.

Treat every suspicious person you meet, gently. Maybe they’ve been hurt really bad.


What have you ever lost that is so precious that it cannot be found again or replaced? Life, is the only thing that meets that description. If you’re still breathing, then everything else can be found again.


Trust isn’t the blind faith that things will never go wrong. It is the belief that nothing will ever be so bad that it can’t be gotten over or out of.


Trust is not thinking you’ll never hurt me. It’s believing that you’ll not willingly want to.


Trust isn’t relying on those who’ve never sinned. It’s relying on the premise that there is always the possibility of redemption.


And finally, trust in everyone and everything else is built firmly on a foundation of trust in self. Nothing that really matters can be taken away from me.

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IdeaSmith is the digital doppelgänger of Ramya Pandyan. I am a writer-storyteller. I work as a Content Specialist, consulting, training and delivering Social Content that drives conversations & builds communities. Tweet me at @ideasmithy or write to me at Ideasmithy[at]gmail[dot]com.

7 Responses to Trust, Actually

  1. Kabir says:

    .-= Kabir´s last blog ..Self Improvement-Whatever? =-.


    • IdeaSmith says:

      @Kabir: :-)

      @Prasoon: Precisely.

      @Ms Taggart: It’s a personal choice. I think it works on the principle of ‘the more you give, the more you get’.

      @Magdalena: Thank you very much. I’m glad it spoke to you.


  2. Prasoon says:

    I wish and I hope everyone reads this.
    I dont think lost trust can’t be regained. Its a matter of getting over it.


  3. Ms Taggart says:

    Whatever the quotes say, I am at a place where I cannot trust people easily. I struggled with this thought initially, but now I am at peace with it. I now am not cynical or skeptical about people, I just dont trust everyone!
    .-= Ms Taggart´s last blog ..Kurnool! =-.


  4. Magdalena says:

    I love this post, absolutely brilliant! Thank you.


  5. This is, indeed, worth reading. Nice thoughts on TRUST. Neat.


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