My Pet Ideas

I got caught!!! *Huff Puff* I have never been able to run fast enough to avoid being tagged – in a game of tag or on the blogosphere!!  My spectacularly comic/tragic friend Greek Alphabet runs me to ground and holds me down till I promise to link to posts I like on the five key themes – family, friends, yourself, your love, anything I like. So here goes..okay, I know this post is about a century too late and what’s more it’s just a self-absorbed list of what I like most about me. So I’m self-absorbed. So sue me. It’s Monday and I’m  blue.

~o~o~ FAMILY ~o~o~ 

The Cat and Kitten posts tell you where I get my cattitude from.

~o~o~ FRIENDS ~o~o~

Martinis is a true story in 55-words about my first date with a dear, dear friend who pops up quite often in my posts and in my comments section. Who? Ah, thou shalt be told when my friend decides it. Watch the comments section.

Irish Coffee and Ham-n-cheese with Sensorcaine has a title that is almost as long as the post itself! But conversations with her are usually like that – long but never long enough.

Conversation is an ode to a bittersweet friendship that exists only in our memories right now. This one is for my dear Dee a.k.a. Angel.

When we talk is a blend of the connection I feel to several special people. Sometimes people tell me that I think of many people as ‘special’ or ‘good friend’. And I tell them, I’m just plain lucky.

~o~o~ ME! ~o~o~

Superwoman was the first ever post that I was truly, undeniably, unabashedly proud of. Still am. Tell me I’m wonderful.

Mirrors don’t cry comes from the depths of my angsty seventeen-year-old self. Each time I read it, I’m surprised I could write that way. Or feel so much.

Currency tells me I am who I want to be, with proof.

Sunshine moment was one of the few seedha-dil-se unvarnished, unedited posts in recent times. Surprisingly also my first DesiPundit-ed post.

~o~o~  LOVE ~o~o~

Love, actually: Is there any way this could NOT be here?

Kinship was written for someone I had never met and who felt like my own. Later we became acquainted but only much later did I realise that the connection never became a relationship. Today we are neither strangers nor friends.

Eternal Memory was, is and will always be for the first love, the bestest friend, the most special one of them all.

Elemental Seduction if it isn’t immediately apparant, is a metaphor. Written for the one that did not survive a lifetime. Or one that lived a full life in just a day.

Secret Crush is the way it always is, with me.

~o~o~ WHAT I LIKE ~o~o~

Monday morning musings in Mumbai is a snapshot of the year I stepped over from adolescence to adulthood. I love the city; I hate it. Not much has changed, I see.

Axioms is one of my pet ideas. Really.

Notes from a surviving city are what remained of me after the never-before-in-a-century downpour of 26 July 2005.

Nostalgia trip was one of my most memorable expeditions to date.

Colour is my scrapbook of memories from the Greece-Turkey cruise I took in October 2008.

2 thoughts on “My Pet Ideas

  1. Ms Taggart January 13, 2009 at 18:55 Reply

    Arey waah… fresh template again!
    Glad you wrote this post.. I am gonna read these posts now.. 🙂


  2. Pragni January 13, 2009 at 23:14 Reply

    Template = awesomeness..

    This meme’s pretty awesome too.. you look like a pixie!! and i love pixies 🙂


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