Idea-bytes on 2008-11-30

  • Does it seem barbaric to care abt a building when ppl have died? The Taj is after all a symbol of #mumbai glory n its been shaken. #
  • We forget & move on, not by choice by because we have no choice. #mumbai What can the common man do to make govt take notice? #
  • If I was the ISI chief I wouldnt want to come to #mumbai either. It looks like they’re assessing just how much hot water they are in. #
  • @sakshijuneja Do we know if the cab driver got blown up as well in the Santacruz taxi blast? I havent heard anything on this. #mumbai in reply to sakshijuneja #
  • @sampad One location only. I believe it was on highway close to domestic airport. Its called santacruz but really more Vileparle #mumbai in reply to sampad #
  • Idea-bytes on 2008-11-29 #

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