In and Out

I like to make a grand entry and a quiet exit.
At events, in situations and other people’s lives.

There’s nothing quite like making a splash since most people believe in first impressions.

On the other hand, goodbyes for me, need to be quiet,
Like they almost never perhaps it will be the same again if we meet
It could be that goodbye just isn’t a word I like
Or maybe I just like leaving behind a lingering question mark – as a final gift.

Leaving was a hard lesson to learn but one well-learnt.



Within ten minutes of writing this post, my phone buzzes with the following note:

From what I remember, you went out as quietly as you came in. 🙂
But you hover in ways I cannot describe.

With that last line, you just made my day! 😀

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One thought on “In and Out

  1. Anonymous June 25, 2008 at 08:03 Reply

    Beautiful..The words captured my thoughts from a split second before almost perfectly..Read some of your other poems too…Loved ’em all..


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