Forgiveness, Actually

Yes, there’s more.


Do banished memories go to hell? I hope not, ‘cos I’ll only end up meeting them there again. Besides they deserve better, so much better than the  darkness in my mind.


A friend who hurts you
….is the one most likely to come back and apologize
….is the one that deserves forgiveness the least.


If intimacy is what happens when love and hate collide,
Then seperation is when they lie together in the same bed…or grave.


I would hold onto any scrap of you that I can get,
Even if it is only a painful memory.


I would make sure the memory of me never fades in your mind
Even if it means having to leave only a memory of me behind with you.


Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

I take that to mean, the situation of being sorry never arises. After all, what else is love but taking the other person’s happiness as one’s personal responsibility? Even if that’s impossible, so is love.


Forgiveness is admitting the humaness of the other person
And divinity in oneself.For

I think I can live with being just human.


Forgiveness is for the world at large, a fair exchange for our own peace of mind. But anyone who is special enough to love, is special enough to never be forgiven.

About IdeaSmith
IdeaSmith is the digital doppelgänger of Ramya Pandyan. I am a writer-storyteller. I work as a Content Specialist, consulting, training and delivering Social Content that drives conversations & builds communities. Tweet me at @ideasmithy or write to me at Ideasmithy[at]gmail[dot]com.

6 Responses to Forgiveness, Actually

  1. Lekhni says:

    They are like new-age haikus :)

    Lekhnis last blog post..WordPress Tip – Identicons and MonsterIds without a plugin


  2. 'nonnymous says:

    Forgiveness is akin to admitting you want nothing more to do with it(/them/him/her). Even if it was just hating it.

    ‘nonnymouss last blog post..Toughies and Wannabees


  3. manuscrypts says:

    phew, your feed and my reader have finally come to terms with each other :lol:


  4. IdeaSmith says:

    @ Lekhni: You like? :smile:

    @ ‘nonnymous: Is it? Not quite, that’s forgetting.

    @ manuscrypts: Glory be! I didn’t realise there was a problem. How’d you fix it?


  5. 'nonnymous says:

    @ideasmith: Forgetting is not possible, (not without severe brain damamge) not necessary, and whenever claimed, its too melodramatic… i guess everyone defines forgiveness differently too. But forgiveness does not come unless theres an absence of emotion, an abandon rather. Needless to say, in most cases thats a utopian thought, but we try!

    ‘nonnymouss last blog post..Toughies and Wannabees


  6. IdeaSmith says:

    @ ‘nonnymous: That’s indifference, not entirely forgiveness. Have you seen ‘The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’?


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