Peter Griffin is not well

There’s some difficult news about Peter Griffin, who some of us have had the good fortune to meet via Caferati and the Kala Ghoda Gazette. Annie Zaidi has posted the following on Peter’s blog:

Zig’s not well


This is Annie guest-posting here, under very difficult circumstances.

Zigzackly had a serious heart attack about 3 days ago. He was in the ICU, being monitored for 72 hours, and has now been moved to a regular room. He’ll probably have to undergo an angioplasty soon.

Friends who are in Bombay with him have sent messages saying that he now seems relaxed and chatty, albeit pretty weak, and cribbing much about hospital food.

I do not have many details since I’m in Delhi, but those who wish to could write to me: zaidiannie at gmail dot com: and I will send updates as I get them.

John Matthew adds a note after having visited Peter in the ICU of Sterling Wockhardt Hospital, Vashi.

He is feeling much better and we had a long chat. (Among the topics discussed were: his cooking style, food preferences, Anglican faith, work, biryanis, how Indian food over-uses spices [we like to dump our spice don’t we?], the Mallu factor in hospitals, etc.) He seemed in the mood to talk and I didn’t dissuade him. His humour and irony is as strong as ever and he seemed in good spirits.

Dilip D’souza has also been to see him and has kindly offered to pass on any messages to Peter, when he sees him next. 

I met Peter for the first time at a house-party. We didn’t speak much but a few months later, I had an email from him asking if I’d like to be a part of the Kala Ghoda Gazette team. That was two years back. Besides the Gazette, he has also been nice enough to send some other interesting things my way, including some impromptu counselling on careers in writing.

I’m quite shaken up by this news. Please join me in wishing Peter a speedy recovery.


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