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Mumbai BlogCamp: Campus Conversations & Unconferences


 A quicky-quick post about the Mumbai BlogCamp. Firstly, how many of your read about it here and decided to show up? And if so, why didn’t you come talk to me??!!!

Sakshi and I pulled into IIT, Powai around 11, with a late but not dramatic entry since we walked smack-dab into the crowd dispersing for a break after the introduction. The lovely Meetu and my Twisted friend from Pune had made it on time, much to my mortification.


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Memoirs Of A Story-teller

I saw a tag floating around and decided to write my own memoirs in 6 words:

I strove for individuality, then acceptance.

Black and White and Red

She may have watched Gone with the Wind too many times since she only dresses in black and white. A reflection of the way she thinks. And she supposes that a penchant for red lipstick makes her friend, a close affiliate to Bozo the clown.

Bozo reasons that someone who reads Kundera and Murakami, listens to jazz and knows a Monet from a Manet must have the same beauty within that they seek without. Scarlett prefers them scrubbed, polished and glossy.

She asks,

Why do we assume that good taste equals good character?

Pat comes the reply,

But I chose you, didn’t I?

Bozo always liked cliches.

Scarlett and Bozo

A Cube of Ecstacy

Her fingers paused on the edge of the key-stroke. The ceasing of the rapidfire tap-clackety-clack-tap of her keyboard sounded very loud and she glanced up guiltily to see who had noticed. No one had, apparantly, so she breathed in a slow rush of air, settling that odd fear to rest and got up.

Her heels made a clack-tappetty-clack sound on the wood-panelled floor. It made her grimace. Once again that feeling, first with sudden silence after sound and now with sudden sound after silence. One more deep breath and another thread of nervousness laid to rest. Nobody was staring at her.

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Mumbai BlogCamp

Are you…

  1. Not a techie but definitely a blogger? 😯 
  2. Someone who loves talking? 😮 
  3. Occasionally listening to other people….if they make sense?  😈 

Join my club! That’s the only reason I’m going to be at IIT School of Management on Saturday, 29th March 2008. Cos’ that’s right where (and when) the Mumbai Blogcamp is happening!


For furthur details do check out the Mumbai BlogCamp page. I quote:

Blogcamp Mumbai is the second edition of BlogCampPune. Blogcamp Mumbai is a free unconference focusing exclusively on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. This is going to be an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction between attendees. Any blogger who wants to contribute is welcome and invited to join.

Now that you know my plans for the next weekend, who’s going to be my date? Don’t just tell me, head over to the page and sign up! 💡 

A Village To Raise A Child – Scarlette Keeling & Adnan Patrawala

On February 18, a fifteen-year old British tourist called Scarlette Keeling was found dead on Anjuna beach, Goa. Death by drowning was the initial statement by the police. Scarlette’s mother, Fiona Mackeown pressed for furthur investigation, pointing out the bruises on the girl’s body as an indication of rape and murder. As the media and police dug deeper into the case, new facts came in light in the form of drugs and sex trade.


Scarlette came to Goa on vacation with her siblings, mother and mother’s partner. Her family decided to travel furthur to Karnataka while Scarlette stayed back. Her mother said that she had left her daughter in the care of 25-year-old Julio Lobo, a local tour guide. The ill-fated Scarlette then spiralled into a web of drugs, alcohol and sex with the people she met while working in the bar.

The most recent news on the case is that the police has confessions from the prime suspects, Placido Carvalho and Samson D’souza. Both have been booked for murder and rape.

The police and the media battle it out over whether it was drug overdose and drowning or murder that killed Scarlett. Goa comes under scanner, its image of an sunny, beach paradise ripped off to reveal its murky sex-drugs-crime underbelly. And, Fiona Mackeown’s personal life gets dug up and scrutinized in detail. All in a bid to answer the hanging question of

Who’s responsible?


Remember Adnan Patrawala? The sixteen-year old who unwittingly became the face of Orkut’s dark side?
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I'm Learning Greek!!

Update on this:

The missing comments section has been restored. Thanks are in order to Cynic who pointed the bug out to me and to Brad, my dear A.E. who tipped me off on how to fix it!

The template is still evolving…a work in progress we like to call it! I’ll fix the broken sidebars sometime soon. There shouldn’t be too many blunders now that I’ve received a verbal rap-on-the-knuckles for not making back-ups of code from various people. But if you see something off or looking abnormal (disregard the usual weirdness that you see on the Idea-smithy), I’d appreciate it if you’d give me a shout. My email address for those who didn’t note the ‘Drop an idea’ section below my header is ideasmithy at gmail dot com.

And while you’re poking around, I’d love to hear from you on the design, the template, the features…anything at all!

Back to normal posting…one hopes!

Greek mess

The Cynic brings it to my notice that my comments section isn’t working (thank you, ma’am!).

I’m afraid this will be the case over the weekend since I won’t be able to check it before Sunday. Much apologies to everyone…and please to bear with my techno-greekiness till I figure out a way to blog without blowing up something or the other on the site. In the meantime, as a poor (very poor) alternative, do try the ‘Drop an idea’ section to mail me your shouts, brickbats and errm..a few bouquets?

….and here I was wondering why no one commented on 3 new posts, a new template AND my mug-shot up on the blog for the fussst time!

Mumbai BarCamp 3

Put on your thinking caps, don your listening ears and step up! The Mumbai BarCamp is around the corner! The weekend after next (that’s 29th March) at SOM, IIT – Bombay a group of people will congregate for an ‘unconference’

Now I’ve never attended a BarCamp before. But I’ve been hearing the whispers in the wind and here I quote:

Anyone can attend! Anyone can speak!

About what? Anything…err, so long as it concerns blogging, technology etc.

And if the speaker bores you, you can always move to another one…there’s plenty happening at the same time!!

Sounds like fun, wot? Meet me there!


Here are the details….
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