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I’m convinced that it must be my karmic destiny to live a reverse-life. To enjoy things that most people find boring or bizarre. And to agonize over things that ought to be fun. I’ve been racking and shelving and cupboarding (okay, I’ll stop!!) my brain to come up with something to write that is ‘different’ from my usual style.

What is ‘IdeaSmith’s style’ , incidentally? Weepy, sappy? Poetic and eloquent? Biting and sarcastic? Verbose? Narcissistic? Intelligent? Pretentious? Easy? Identify-with-able? And what is that supposed to mean?

*Sigh* And I thought this would be fun! Not a philosophical exercise!! Gah.

Poetry, how-tos, rants, fiction, cityscapes, causes, journaling…I’ve done these. What next? Oh okay…how about….a recipe? So here my ‘food’s-just-fuel’ gastrophobe self takes on a culinary recount…is that different enough? Here goes…

How to make a Bradtini (followed by an Ideatini)

You need:

60ml Bacardi Reserva rum
Half a glass of pineapple juice
A stirrer
2 ice cubes
A bottle of Tabasco sauce
A taste for spice


Pour the pineapple juice into the Reserva till it turns opaque but not quite as yellow as the pure juice.
Stir. Lick stirrer. (Yes, this is necessary).
Drop ice cubes in. Stir again. Lick stirrer clean. Keep aside.
Splash 2 drops of Tabasco sauce. Do NOT stir.
Taste. If you’ve licked the stirrer clean, the surface-lying pineapple juice would have left an aftertaste which is a great prelude to this drink.
If you can taste pineapple, add more Tabasco sauce.
Stop when you feel the sting on the tongue. Tabasco has a sneaky way of tasting really nice and then abruptly setting your tongue on fire. You want to be taken just to one second before combustion and then doused just in time by cold pineapple.
Drink up!

How to follow it up with an Ideatini

Substitute the pineapple juice in the Bradtini for gauva juice.
And add about 2 teaspoons less than the quantity of pineapple juice added to the previous drink. This results in a more full-bodied but lighter-flavoured drink.
If dragons roar within you too, you could use chili powder on the rim of the glass as well. SLUUURRRRRPPP!


If you want to experiment, try other fruit juices but only those that are thick-bodied and/or have a sharp tang like citruses. Watermelon doesn’t fit either description and makes a gawdawful concoction that I wouldn’t name after my worst enemy.

Alternately you could also try white rum; it doesn’t mate quite as soulfully with fruit juice as golden rum but its a workable combination. Steer clear of dark rum though, it doesn’t go well with the sunny nature of this drink.

And if you’re wondering, the A.E. introduced my uncultured palate to the first drink, whereupon I christened it after him. The second is my version of it and hence I pronounce that it goes by my name. Bottoms up!

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8 thoughts on “IdeaSmith's poison

  1. Australopithecus November 20, 2007 at 20:03 Reply



  2. Rambler November 21, 2007 at 06:48 Reply

    I liked the idea of the dragon roar.. and of course licking stirrer clean, probably would need an assistant to do that though 🙂


  3. Sense November 23, 2007 at 04:11 Reply

    hmm… me- I’m a wus. I Iike my Vodka with fresh mango/ lychee juice. My White rum with coconut water. And my Godiva neat.


  4. Brad November 24, 2007 at 02:27 Reply

    Ideas plagiarized:
    – mixing tabasco – from a recipe called ‘Forest Fire’ (google) with vodka

    I just changed the mixer and the alcohol.

    Ta daa…

    Btw, ‘Bradtini’ sounds awful; mimics ‘Brangelina’ or something like that!!! Jeepers! :O Let’s continue to give the original drink credit and call it ‘Forest Fire Rum Drum’.


  5. ideasmith December 4, 2007 at 13:34 Reply

    @ Australopithecus: To your health!

    @ Rambler: Don’t have a taste for spice?

    @ Sense: Rum is always good. 😉

    @ Brad: LOL…all the more reason we must call it a Bradtini!


  6. Supremus December 7, 2007 at 19:59 Reply

    Perfect! I know what I am trying to make this weekend 😀 – its been a long while since I’ve had pineapple, rum, tabasco and all of them together 😀



  7. Brad May 12, 2009 at 15:26 Reply

    I read a comment in here after a long time and thought to myself 'Oh man, this guy commented exactly like I would have' only to find that it was my comment! Btw, if you haven't moved on to Bourbon, you really should. I admit, it's an acquired taste. It's great.

    On a different note, try 'Mudslide, no milk'. 🙂 Tell me what you think.


    • IdeaSmith June 3, 2009 at 11:57 Reply

      @ Brad: If Mudslide is a vodka drink, I’ll pass. The Russian poison doesn’t agree with me. Bourbon, will give it a shot, though it will be nicer if you’re around when I do. So when is that happening?


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