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All you need is love*

De:Tales has a story that ends with,

He went towards the day, missing his ‘Boyfriend-in-love’ days.
It reminded him of a song he knew. “Without love, I’d be nothing.”

And the boy-nothing left the girl-nothing
with whom he’d had sex-nothing the previous night
and spent the rest of the day thinking about love-everything.

We’d rather be dead than bear the angst of existence. We’d rather be immortalized as heroes or as villains in history than survive the everyday mundaneness of existence. And we brush away the fingers that have caressed us, the words that have touched us, the feelings that have moved us and we tell those who want to live more of life with us,

Fear me. Abhor me. Remember me. Miss me. Deify me. Idolize me.

But love me no more.

Would you leave one single permanent footprint encased in stone?
Or would you rather walk down the beach with me,
leaving behind footprints that fade away the minute we move
but my hand in yours saying that you never need remember to look back again?

The stones stay as they are and the water washes over everything and leaves. Who knows what choices each of us will make? We must be who we are, sometimes making history and sometimes living mundaneness. I leave you with something we both made, stationary but not static, patiently still as you but as uncontrollably alive as me….a living memory at least…something of me and something of you.


* That’s what the story was called in the book.

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