It’s only me

Is it life coming a full circle when you see others doing to you what you did to other people long ago? Good, bad, strange, ugly, inexplicable, heart-warming, touching….when you start recognizing your onetime self in other people, its first heartening and then disheartening. It leaves me with a feeling that…

There’s really no one else in this universe but me!

Different versions of me, figments of my own imagination, extensions of my own personality..which after all has been my own creation. I’m truly alone. It’s just me everywhere as far as my eyes can see.
It isn’t even lonely anymore. It’s boring.

I’ve felt this before. But feeling one with the universe – isn’t that supposed to be a light, joyful, spiritually uplifting experience? Why then do I feel so weighed down with the burden of relatedness? The links joining me to the rest of the world are like heavy chains. I just want to fall asleep and sleep forever. At least I sleep alone.

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One thought on “It’s only me

  1. Ranjan July 23, 2007 at 12:34 Reply

    or is it al(l)one


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