I saw this girl on a train. I couldn’t see anything of her, shrouded as she was in her traditional garb. But her hands caught my attention…they were so enticing. This then, is my ode to a stranger’s sensuality.



To touch and feel
and smoothen

Not for me, however.
Sheathed and protected
Demure, ladylike, unobtrusive

One mightn’t even suspect
The same sensuality of me
As of anyone


Except an occasional idle observer who notices
One finger caressing the strap, lovingly, longingly almost
And the other hand curved smoothly over a bright pink bag

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5 thoughts on “Hands

  1. infinity November 13, 2006 at 14:57 Reply



  2. Apoorva November 14, 2006 at 09:18 Reply

    Reminds me of Darth Vader


  3. suri November 14, 2006 at 11:57 Reply

    some caper heroine.??


  4. ideasmith November 14, 2006 at 16:47 Reply

    @ Apoo: LOL….that was meant to be a serious ‘arty’ photograph!!!

    @ Suri: 🙂 She could be, in one of my stories!


  5. julieluongo November 15, 2006 at 00:56 Reply

    Lovely hands. Evocative photo. Beautiful words. I’m right there with you.


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