The End

The time has come….has long been waiting
And I have nothing more to say except


And of course…thank you

For hearing what I had to say
For sharing your ideas and thoughts
For offering advice and support
For sharing this space with me

Thank you, so very much.


25 thoughts on “The End

  1. Struck Traveler November 7, 2005 at 03:32 Reply

    This post has been removed by the author.


  2. Brad November 7, 2005 at 03:35 Reply

    Uh…Oh. See what Apoo’s ‘I do’ has done to the Lady. Hmmm.


  3. Brewtus November 7, 2005 at 08:28 Reply

    Hope you decide to come back sometime in the future.

    Good Luck!


  4. iyer education November 7, 2005 at 10:09 Reply

    idea: what machaan… what happened… how can all the ‘ideas’ disappear all at the same time… this is not fair… it is not the end i guess… just a lil break is it?


  5. Demi Goddezz November 7, 2005 at 11:10 Reply

    Idea:Whats up hun?…


  6. abhi November 7, 2005 at 11:29 Reply



  7. D'yer Mak'er November 7, 2005 at 16:27 Reply

    though i’ve been here before…i always thought to keep myself in the shades of silence… but a goodbye changed all my plans…when i still had so many doubts…doubts that i always thought i’d clear myself without askin you…but i guess i’m once again runnin short of everythin…

    take care miss smithy…


  8. amol November 7, 2005 at 16:40 Reply

    WHY IdeaSmithy why ? Why u do this ????


  9. APOO November 7, 2005 at 18:28 Reply

    I think she is gonna start blogging using another identity. 🙂

    I cant force you to come back to blogging, but this aint death. So I can definitely hope that you do come back.

    Just to let you know, we enjoyed reading and that you do reconsider your decision.

    And if it was that “I DO” which did it, I take it back!! 😛


  10. Sreejith November 7, 2005 at 21:29 Reply

    I just love the way you write. Please dont stop writing.


  11. infinity November 7, 2005 at 21:40 Reply

    tussi ja rahe ho?tussi mat jaao…


  12. d4u November 8, 2005 at 08:23 Reply

    An awesome blog shutting down doesn’t feel good at all. Hope the ideas do start flowing again!!

    Till then, good luck 2 u..nice reading ya:)


  13. Aekta November 8, 2005 at 10:35 Reply

    Whaddya mean?


  14. Anonymous November 8, 2005 at 16:43 Reply



  15. Vanathi November 8, 2005 at 17:09 Reply



  16. ~Sen~ November 9, 2005 at 04:51 Reply

    No….. NO……. this is NOT happening.
    Nope.No way.
    Simply, no way !!
    That’s it.


  17. Dreamcatcher November 9, 2005 at 17:43 Reply

    This should be like a day of mourning in blogworld.
    Lady you were a joy to read.
    I do hope you come back.
    Take care.


  18. coolcat November 9, 2005 at 20:26 Reply

    Yes. Please do come back. You will be missed.


  19. Confuzzled November 10, 2005 at 21:52 Reply



  20. Arz000n November 11, 2005 at 14:05 Reply


    You leaving lady with tattoo 😦


    Hope to see you back soon.
    Good luck!!


  21. Heretic November 11, 2005 at 17:39 Reply

    C’mon Smithy… been long enough already. Please come back. Promise not to bug you ever again.


  22. the Monk November 12, 2005 at 02:07 Reply

    Pity…hope you’ll still visit, though…


  23. Dreamcatcher November 13, 2005 at 17:29 Reply

    The lady returns : ) : )


  24. manuscrypts November 15, 2005 at 20:33 Reply

    uh oh!! 😦


  25. Arun November 18, 2005 at 00:45 Reply

    Oh! please don’t go!

    Where are you going btw?


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