Letting go

Dimag par parda daal kar,
Pyaar kiya..itna pyaar kiya.
Ab dil par patthar rakh kar,
Qurban kar rahe hain…

Diya to diya,
Saari duniya mere kadmon mein rakh diya
Aur maanga to mujhse,
Sirf woh ek cheez, jiske bagair
Zindagi, zindagi hi na rahee

Kyon itna chaha?
Kyon itni aasani se mujhe woh sab de diya?
Jisse bas choone ke liye
Baki sab khwabon mein uljhe hue hain

Koi na samjhe ab,
Jab main kahoon
Taaron ko muthi mein
bandh karne ke sapne na dekho

Ek baar aa gaye pahonch mein
Haathon ko khol bhi nahin paoge
Bas bandh muthi ko seene se lagaye reh jaoge
Ki kahin khul jaaye toh raat na phail jaaye

About IdeaSmith
IdeaSmith is the digital doppelgänger of Ramya Pandyan. I am a writer-storyteller. I work as a Content Specialist, consulting, training and delivering Social Content that drives conversations & builds communities. Tweet me at @ideasmithy or write to me at Ideasmithy[at]gmail[dot]com.

One Response to Letting go

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